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Vision Therapy for Adults


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AmblyoPlay adult vision therapy
AmblyoPlay adult vision therapy

When we think of vision therapy, we often picture young children with eye-related issues, diligently working on exercises. However, it’s essential to dispel the myth that vision therapy is only for children.

Vision therapy is increasingly recognized as a viable treatment for adults as well. Vision problems can persist into adulthood or develop later in life, affecting various aspects of our daily lives.

Fortunately, adults can also benefit greatly from vision therapy, which offers a non-invasive and effective way to improve visual skills.

Benefits of Vision Therapy for Adults

As we age, our visual system may experience changes, leading to various vision problems. Some of the most common vision issues among adults include:

  1. Improved Visual Comfort: Addressing eyestrain, headaches, and discomfort associated with prolonged screen time can significantly enhance daily productivity and quality of life.
  2. Enhanced Reading and Learning: Vision therapy can improve reading comprehension, allowing adults to absorb information more effectively and pursue further education or professional development.
  3. Better Depth Perception: Adults with strabismus or binocular vision disorders can benefit from improved depth perception, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing their ability to participate in sports and other physical activities.
  4. Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination: Vision therapy can help adults refine their hand-eye coordination, leading to improved performance in tasks that require precise motor skills, such as driving or playing musical instruments.
  5. Post-TBI Recovery: For adults recovering from traumatic brain injuries, vision therapy can play a crucial role in restoring visual function and promoting overall neurological healing.
  6. Increased Confidence: Correcting vision problems can boost self-confidence, as adults no longer have to worry about the limitations their visual issues imposed on their daily lives.

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For Who is Vision Therapy Beneficial?

Adults seeking vision therapy typically fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Adults who had vision issues since childhood: Some vision problems may not have been fully addressed during childhood, and these issues can persist into adulthood. Vision therapy can help improve or manage such conditions.
  2. Acquired visual problems: Some adults may develop vision issues later in life due to factors like trauma, medical conditions, or neurological changes. Vision therapy can aid in addressing these acquired issues.
  3. Visual challenges related to specific occupations: Certain professions may put strain on the visual system, such as individuals working with computers for extended periods. Vision therapy can help reduce eye strain and improve visual comfort in these cases.

Does AmblyoPlay Work with Adults?

Vision therapy, despite its widespread benefits, is still a bit of an enigma to many people. We receive tons of questions every day, and among the most frequently asked ones is: Does AmblyoPlay work with adults as well?

The simple answer is YES, despite what some outdated studies from 80s and 90s state. We know this because we both tested with adults up to the age of 65 as well as through use cases of our adult users already. More than 20% of AmblyoPlay users are adults who are seeing great results after using AmblyoPlay vision therapy.

Age Limitations

Of course, there are some things we do want to point out. While improvements are almost always possible, it takes much longer to see significant improvements in visual function if compared with improvements in children.

With age, brain plasticity (ability of the brain to change itself throughout life by forming new connections between brain cells – neurons) decreases, so we have to put in much more effort to see the results.

Additionally, what is considered optimal visual function for an adult might not be the same as for children: for some adults, 80% visual function is their max. 

How AmblyoPlay Helps

Not only does AmblyoPlay help rebuilding neurological links between the brain and the lazy eye, but it also helps build good binocular vision, which is essential. Key part in achieving that are also strong eye muscles.

As with any other muscle, they too can be trained and strengthened. Eye muscles are essential, as they operate the eyes physiologically and serve as the required prerequisite for binocular vision. With both approaches, AmblyoPlay really tackles both elements of vision therapy: the neurological and physiological aspects!

The Logic Behind is Same for Children and Adults

All in all, the same VT principles apply for adults as they do for the children; it just might take longer to reach the goal! It is never too late to start improving! If you do not mind the childish design that AmblyoPlay features because of the children, you could greatly benefit from it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does vision therapy work for adults?

Yes. Vision therapy has been increasingly recognized as a viable treatment for adults as well. Adults can greatly benefit from vision therapy, which offers a non-invasive and effective way to improve visual skills.

What are the benefits of vision therapy for adults?

Improved visual comfort, enhanced reading and learning, better depth perception, enhanced hand-eye coordination, post traumatic brain injury recovery, and increased confidence.

Does AmblyoPlay work with adults as well?

Yes! AmblyoPlay works for adults just the same as it does for kids. The only difference is that the speed of improvements diminishes with age.

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Why Do We Suggest a Minimum Time of 6 Months for Success?

Based on the data from over 15,000 patients using AmblyoPlay, improvements start within 4 months, while optimal results take anywhere between 6-18 months on average. The duration of required training depends on the patient’s age, the severity of the problem, accompanying diseases, and adherence to the training program.