The intricacy of visual perception

The intricacy of visual perception
The intricacy of visual perception

There is an eye, two of them actually. And there is brain. And all of them are just perfect in themselves. And yet, there is something that disables you to see the way you should see. Probably most of you will know exactly that healthy eyes are not enough for (healthy) vision, but for those of you who do not let us shortly summarize what the vision is.

Imagine the eye being your smartphone’s camera lens and the retina being its camera light sensor. And all the rest of your smartphone is the brain. All the small parts that must work in utter fidelity in order to project your taken photo onto your smartphone screen. Well, this is exactly what your brain does.

Imagine the place where we all live. Not the house, not your city, not your country, not the Earth and not even the Solar system. But the galaxy, The Milky way. Our galaxy is composed of roughly a few hundred billion stars. Our Sun is only one of them.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because in our brain there are around a hundred billion neurons [neuron = a nerve cell, the smallest functioning unit that comprises the nervous system]. As if that is not enough, each neuron can make direct connections to about 10 000 other neurons, which accounts for roughly 1000 trillion connections in our brain. And about 20-30 per cent of them all [the neurons and the connections] are devoted to processing visual information. That is 5 times more than are dedicated to perception from your skin, muscles, joints and bones and about 16 times more than are committed to your hearing.

About 20 billion neurons must function to absolute perfection at all times in order for you to see properly. Quite a number is it not? So, the next time when you look in the night sky be aware of one thing. The number of stars you can see is much lower than the number of neurons required to see them. Our brain really is an amazing piece of nature!

With AmbloPlay we are committing to bring some of those 20 billion neurons perhaps closer together, teach them how to act and what new connections to form, all for the improvement of your vision! Want to know more? Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter in our footer!

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