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Vision therapy at ARVO 2019


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AmblyoPlay Arvo 2019
AmblyoPlay Arvo 2019

Last week, one of our representatives took part at the largest annual meeting about the research in ophthalmology and visual science, ARVO 2019 meeting (The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology). There, he presented his latest research work that has been done in collaboration with a respected American eye center. This year, the meeting took place in Vancouver, Canada. In 5 days, hundreds of lectures and thousands of posters were being presented. All in all, around 10 thousand people participated, most of whom were either PhDs or MDs. This really makes it a one of a kind event when it comes to vision, which is why we are proud to have taken part of.

Award lecture on amblyopia…

Apart from covering the latest revelations in virtually all aspects of the eye and vision, a huge deal of the conference was also devoted to amblyopia and its management, particularly vision therapy. What is more, the main award lecture was indeed dedicated to synaptic plasticity [the way neurons communicate between each other] and amblyopia, which shows just how important amblyopia research and management are for researchers and especially clinicians all around the globe. Since this is very much a hot topic for us and you as well, there will be a blog on that sometime in the future.

… and numerous presented digital solutions, all lacking the user-friendliness of Amblyoplay.

What are the latest recommendations then, the latest research on amblyopia, vision training and all? Well, there is nothing groundbreakingly new when it comes to amblyopia management. Most of the studies show that it should be addressed as early as possible in its course. Top notch professionals also agree that compliance with the therapies prescribed by physicians remains an issue, which is why solutions such as our Amblyoplay are getting more and more important in today’s increasingly digitalized world. Speaking of which, many similar solutions were being presented, although none of them seemed to be as user-friendly and as entertaining for kids as our Amblyoplay is. This really encourages us to continually improve our Ambloplay and ultimately make the painstaking process of amblyopia or other ocular abnormalities treatments ever so slightly easier.

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