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Discover the Power of AmblyoPlay Games: Visual Skills Explained by Every Activity


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In the AmblyoPlay Vision Therapy, every game serves as a precisely crafted activity. Therapeutic exercises are designed not only to improve visual acuity but also to build a spectrum of fundamental visual skills. Those skills are essential for cognitive and perceptual development. Let’s explore the power of AmblyoPlay games and how they enhance your vision through targeted activities.

Specific Visual Skills By Every Activity

Collect Shapes

This game focuses on refining spatial orientation. By tracking and collecting shapes within the virtual environment, players enhance their ability to smoothly track objects while navigating spatial configurations—a skill crucial for tasks requiring precise visual tracking and spatial awareness.

Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop sharpens tracking skills as players aim to pop balloons drifting across the screen. By maintaining focus on moving targets and executing precise movements, players strengthen their visual tracking abilities and fine-tune their capacity for smooth pursuit—a skill vital for tracking moving objects with accuracy and efficiency.

AmblyoPlay vision therapy builds visual skills.
Balloon Pop in AmblyoPlay Vision Therapy

Flying Candy

Peripheral awareness, tracking skills, and eye-hand coordination take center stage in Flying Candy. Players must remain vigilant to catch candies drifting into view while coordinating their eye movements with hand actions. This dynamic interplay between visual perception and motor coordination enhances peripheral awareness and fosters seamless integration of visual and motor skills.

Catch the Birdy

As players engage in catching birds flitting across the screen, Catch the Birdy cultivates peripheral awareness. By expanding their visual field and tracking moving targets with precision, players sharpen their ability to detect and react to objects beyond their central vision—an essential skill for navigating real-world environments.

Tasty Tiles

Tasty Tiles challenges players to match tiles based on visual cues, fostering spatial orientation, visual memory, and eye-hand coordination. By mentally manipulating spatial arrangements, recalling patterns, and executing precise hand movements, players enhance their spatial awareness, memory retention, and coordination—a trifecta of skills with applications in various cognitive and motor tasks.

Cross the Road

Peripheral awareness and saccades are put to the test in Cross the Road. Players navigate virtual traffic by timing their movements and swiftly shifting their gaze—a task that enhances peripheral vision, trains rapid saccadic eye movements, and refines smooth pursuit skills essential for dynamic visual tracking.

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Catch Monsters

Similar to Cross the Road, Catch Monsters hones peripheral awareness and saccades. Players must scan the screen for lurking monsters, execute rapid eye movements to detect threats, and smoothly track their movements to intercept them—a challenging yet rewarding exercise in visual vigilance and coordination.

Flappy Bird

Peripheral awareness is at play as players guide a bird through a series of obstacles. By maintaining awareness of incoming obstacles and smoothly adjusting their bird’s flight path, players enhance their peripheral vision and refine their ability to track moving objects—a skill crucial for navigating complex environments.

Planet Shooter

Combining peripheral awareness and saccades, Planet Shooter immerses players in putting the pins in the blank spaces on the surface of the planet. By doing this, they smoothly track the movements of the planet, and execute rapid eye movements to aim and shoot. Consequently, players sharpen their visual acuity and dynamic visual processing abilities.

Which visual skills are AmblyoPlay games targeting?
Planet Shooter in AmblyoPlay Vision Therapy

Jumping Ball

Peripheral awareness is build in Jumping Ball as players guide a bouncing ball through a series of patterns. By monitoring the environment for hazards and smoothly tracking the ball’s trajectory, players enhance their peripheral vision and refine their ability to track moving objects with precision.


Peripheral awareness and spatial orientation converge in Maze as players navigate through labyrinths. By scanning the environment for pathways and smoothly tracking their progress, players strengthen their spatial awareness and sharpen their ability to mentally map and navigate complex spaces.


Saccades and spatial orientation come into play in Blocks as players manipulate falling blocks to create complete rows. They quickly look over the field, follow the blocks’ movements, and use their hands to put them in the right spots. This helps players get better at spotting things visually and figuring out where things fit in space.

Common Visual Skills for All Activities

In addition to the game-specific skills outlined above, the power of AmblyoPlay games is their therapeutic effectiveness. They are designed uniquely to target the most crucial developmental aspects of vision through four main basic types of eye movements: 
– saccades,
– smooth pursuit movements, 
vergence movements,
– and vestibulo-ocular movements.

The technology in the app emphasises the following fields:

Eye Tracking, Focusing, and Eye Movement Tasks

Each game challenges players to execute a range of eye movement tasks, such as maintaining focus, tracking moving objects, and shifting attention rapidly. By engaging in these tasks, players enhance their attentional control, visual tracking abilities, and overall eye-hand coordination.

Smooth Pursuit Movement

Across all games, players refine their ability to smoothly track moving objects—a skill crucial for tasks requiring dynamic visual tracking and motion perception. By honing smooth pursuit movement, players improve their ability to track objects with precision and accuracy, enhancing their visual processing speed and efficiency.

Information Processing and Reaction Time

Gaming sessions provide a stimulating environment for information processing and rapid decision-making. By analyzing visual cues, synthesizing information, and executing precise actions with minimal delay, players enhance their information processing speed, cognitive flexibility, and reaction time—a skill set invaluable in both virtual and real-world scenarios.

Convergence and Divergence

Many AmblyoPlay games engage players in tasks that stimulate convergence (bringing both eyes together) and divergence (moving eyes apart). These exercises help maintain proper binocular vision and can assist in detecting and correcting visual anomalies such as convergence insufficiency or divergence excess.


In AmblyoPlay Vision Therapy games, players exercises vision through interactive games that not only boost their visual acuity but also build essential cognitive and perceptual skills. With each game, players uncover new abilities. The power of AmblyoPlay games is such that helps individuals succeed in school, sports, and daily tasks, setting them up for success in day-to-day living.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific visual skills do AmblyoPlay vision therapy games target?

AmblyoPlay games are uniquely designed to target a range of visual skills essential for cognitive and perceptual development. Each game focuses on different aspects such as spatial orientation, peripheral awareness, eye-hand coordination, and more.

How do AmblyoPlay games improve cognitive and perceptual development?

AmblyoPlay games go beyond simply improving visual acuity. They engage players in activities that stimulate various cognitive processes, including information processing, reaction time, attentional control, and decision-making. By analyzing visual cues, synthesizing information, and executing precise actions, players develop essential skills for real-world situations.

Are AmblyoPlay games suitable for individuals with specific visual challenges or conditions?

Absolutely! AmblyoPlay games are tailored to cater to a variety of visual challenges and conditions. It treats vision problems, such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, convergence insufficiency, double vision, and other binocular problems. AmblyoPlay games target convergence, divergence, eye tracking, and coordination, offering a holistic vision therapy approach. Interactive and engaging experience within the app makes it enjoyable for all ages seeking to improve visual abilities.

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Why Do We Suggest a Minimum Time of 6 Months for Success?

Based on the data from over 15,000 patients using AmblyoPlay, improvements start within 4 months, while optimal results take anywhere between 6-18 months on average. The duration of required training depends on the patient’s age, the severity of the problem, accompanying diseases, and adherence to the training program.