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2020 – a year to forget or perhaps to celebrate?


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AmblyoPlay 2020 Look back
AmblyoPlay 2020 Look back

Imagine yourself going back in time for exactly one year. In the beginning of 2020. The beginning of a year that should have meant so much for so many, including the whole eyecare community due to the neat 2020 analogy. We all had so much planned, travel, business, conferences, meetings, investments, most of which was shattered to pieces in early spring when – I bet you will agree – the news of the century struck. Then, it did not take long before the whole world froze as the COVID-19 pandemic reached the unthinkable proportions. Yes, it caught us unprepared.

Thankfully, in the shadows of annihilation there were people whose early reactions and short-term plans have saved many lives and prevented the collapse of biblical proportions. The countries have strengthened their healthcare systems and all the brains around the world, from the smallest independent laboratories to the largest pharmaceutical corporations have joined forces in the pursuit of COVID-19 medicine and vaccination. Sure, many lives were lost, numerous businesses went defunct, and many people lost their jobs but without proper actions and perhaps most importantly, the cooperation of every single one of us – even if all one did was to stay at home when needed – the things could have been much worse. So, let us take a moment here and admire each and every one that made their part.

Science is marching on

We are pleased to report that the scientific community in the field of ophthalmology and vision science have continued to do what they do best and outstanding research findings were published in this unfortunate year. Yes, the main research focus has understandably shifted towards COVID, but other branches of medicine were clearly not forgotten. That said, the largest achievement of the 2020 is definitely the COVID-19 vaccine that is being rolled out as we speak and as such represents the first glimpse of hope to restore normality as we knew it. 

A note from AmblyoPlay Team

Let us conclude with a few words about us – the AmblyoPlay team in 2020. Surely, we were struggling ever so slightly in the beginning but as every change in nature calls for adaptation we adapted, and we did that rather well. We are proud that despite all the difficulties we were able to provide you with the much-improved version of one of the best vision training solutions on the market, enhance our customer service, and grace ourselves with numerous new ideas and plans. We are positive that the year 2020 and everything about it has only made us stronger.

If anything, the year 2020 represents what mankind can achieve if there is a common enemy to fight against. Our knowledge, will, perseverance, and obedience have made possible that at the turn of the year we can finally look into the future optimistically. Let us then forget the year 2020 but cherish the achievements and the unity witnessed in 2020. We are delightful to have you on board and wish you all the best in 2021!

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