Welcome to AmblyoPlay 2.0!

AmblyoPlay vision therapy has been helping children and adult with vision problems such as lazy eye, strabismus, convergence insufficiency and double vision for over 2 year already and throughout this time we’ve grown and expanded what AmblyoPlay has to offer.


We are extremely happy to offer you the largest update yet – so big that we decided to call it AmblyoPlay 2.0!

It offers new functionalities and complete redesign of the gamification elements within AmblyoPlay to provide better user experience and makes it even more fun and engaging for our patients!


Introducing AmblyoPlay fellowship

We are happy to introduce you to our AmblyoPlay Fellowship! This is a collection of characters that will accompany you on your vision therapy journey! It is a completely new way of progressing through our software, as you will be collecting points and digital currency through regular daily training and you will be able to spend these currencies for upgrading your AmblyoPlay Fellowship members! In this way, your kids will be even more engaged and will be more highly motivated to perform regular daily training!

New rewarding system

After discussing extensively with our test group of patients and our medical advisory board, it became very obvious that for a successful vision therapy homework solution we need to address two equally important thing: (a) making sure AmblyoPlay works from a health standpoint; and (b) making sure that it is fun and engaging so that it helps improve compliance. Compliance is key for success: only with regular exercising we can hope for good results. With AmblyoPlay 2.0, we are introducing complete revamp to our rewarding system – instead of collecting puzzles, you will be collecting diamonds that you will spend in-game for new outfits, tools and characters! Only regular and diligent exercising will reward you with exciting new content!


Complete redesign

We all like pretty things, don’t we? Well, Child menu within AmblyoPlay just became even more attractive and game-like! Darker theme with your main character in the middle creates a really different atmosphere and follows our goal of making AmblyoPlay feel like a game and not like some daunting exercise you have to do every day. It is also a first step in our redesign journey, as we will slowly update the look of the whole application, including the Parent Menu in one of our future updates.

New game

There is a new game coming in AmblyoPlay 2.0! As we nail down all the different elements of AmblyoPlay, we will slowly turn towards generating new content so that AmblyoPlay will keep you or your little ones engaged for long period with new and interesting games and activities. Our new game is called Jumping Ball and requires you to focus hard to maintain the jumping ball in the air and avoid both the obstacles and the unyielding draw of gravity! We are sure you will find it engaging and fun as part of your daily vision therapy training!


New game progression

We are very fortunate to have more than 3,000 patients and users already using AmblyoPlay over the last 1 year. This means we can now analyze and measure how each game performs. Based on this, we are now introducing an even more engaging progression within the games that will make sure that each game will not only stimulate your vision in a personalized way, but also keep you or your child entertained and engaged for a longer period of time!

AmblyoPlay Box


3-Month access + AmblyoPlay Glasses

* Use it on one device




6-Month access + AmblyoPlay Glasses

* Use it on 2 different devices




12-Month access + AmblyoPlay Glasses​

* Unlimited devices


After purchasing one of our plans we will ship you AmblyoPlay Box. AmblyoPlay Box includes AmblyoPlay Glasses with red and blue filters for performing vision therapy and an Activation Code to unlock your AmblyoPlay Account! Every user receives a personalized training program that is tailor-made for his or her specific problem.

What is to yet to come in 2020?

NEW Games, NEW Parent Menu, NEW Visual Acuity Screening and many more!

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