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My son Jude, was diagnosed with Amblyopia when he was 4. He did 4 years of patching until we were told that he could stop as the benefits going forward are almost nonexistent past the age of 8. As a family, we wanted to do more but needed an affordable option. That’s how I came across Amblyoplay. He has now been using Amblyoplay for almost 6 months and had an eye appointment recently. For a couple of years, there had not been much change in his prescription, but after this appointment, we had to buy him a new pair of glasses as there was an improvement. We couldn’t be happier and went ahead and extended his subscription by a year. He was also super excited about the new version and says it’s great. Keep up the good work!

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

AmblyoPlay is  software to use for lazy eyes that includes playing games. It is fun and it works!



Zagreb, Croatia

After three months of training, my eye hurts less and I can see much better. I will definitely continue.



Big Pine Key, FL

I used amblyoplay for a few 2 years ago and saw a big difference in my vision. I recently started up again and am happy with my results in just 2 weeks.

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