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AmblyoPlay Clip-On Glasses

AmblyoPlay Clip-On Glasses

AmblyoPlay Clip-On Glasses are a companion product to AmblyoPlay Vision Therapy. It is a convenient and comfortable option for everyone who wears prescription glasses—simply attach it over your glasses and start with the vision therapy without disturbances!

These glasses are custom-made to guarantee they meet AmblyoPlay therapy specifications and work perfectly with exercises. The optimised filtering of the lenses ensures the highest efficiency during therapeutic games.

The Clip-On will fit glasses of all sizes!


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Why Do We Suggest a Minimum Time of 6 Months for Success?

Based on the data from over 15,000 patients using AmblyoPlay, improvements start within 4 months, while optimal results take anywhere between 6-18 months on average. The duration of required training depends on the patient’s age, the severity of the problem, accompanying diseases, and adherence to the training program.