My child has been diagnosed with amblyopia – what to do?

My child has been diagnosed with amblyopia – what to do?
My child has been diagnosed with amblyopia – what to do?

That is probably a question every parent is asking after their child was diagnosed, right? Well, if your kid has been given this diagnosis it is highly likely that he or she has already been thoroughly examined by an eye doctor. In that case, stay calm, and follow your doctor’s instructions to be treated successfully, attend the follow-ups and everything should be fine soon.

Amblyopia is generally treated very successfully – so no need to panic!

Sometimes, though, the diagnosis may not come from specialized eye doctors as amblyopia can be found by pediatricians or general physicians on routine medical checkups at school. In this instance, we will briefly guide you through the steps you should expect and/or do next.

Firstly, a thorough examination by an ophthalmologist will usually determine if the amblyopia is genuinely present and whether it arose due to strabismus, anisometropia, or any form of visual deprivation. Getting diagnosed correctly is paramount. Usually, although unpleasant for the kids, cycloplegic refraction will be necessary to determine the real refraction of the two eyes and potential amblyogenic anisometropia. The ophthalmologist will also determine the squint angle (note that sometimes only a few degrees of deviation can cause amblyopia – known as micro strabismus), the binocular function, and by thorough examination exclude any other pathologies of the eye that could cause inadequate visual acuity. Based on all of the above, you and your child will then leave the office with either new corrective spectacles and/or instructions for patching and/or specialized prism glasses and/or instructions for vision therapy and, perhaps most importantly, the date of a follow-up visit to see how well the problem was treated. Then, the visual function will be reevaluated and the treatment adjusted accordingly.

Get diagnosed – but then it’s all about compliance

Except for some very complicated cases, a few outpatient visits are all your child will ever need after he/she was diagnosed. That said, it is crucial to obey your doctor’s instructions and attend the follow-ups as scheduled. Only so will the amblyopia be address as quickly and as effectively as we all want and hope.

Oh and of course, consider Amblyoplay as a supplementary treatment!

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