Getting started

With AmblyoPlay


Purchasing AmblyoPlay Box

AmblyoPlay® is a SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE solution that does not require expensive equipment. You can use it on your own, but we recommend you have regular eye check-ups scheduled every couple of months with your chosen eye doctor.

AmblyoPlay® Glasses with red and blue filters are used to split the image each eye receives. Glasses from other providers are usually not working well enough with our software.

Activation Code unlocks the software for a period of time you select upon purchase. You can choose between 3-, 6- or 12-month packages. The period required depends on the patient’s age and how serious the problem is. Most of the patients opt for at least 6-month (STANDARD) package.

Once you make a purchase, we send the AmblyoPlay® Box to your address.

You can purchase prepaid AmblyoPlay® Box on our web store. Box includes AmblyoPlay® Glasses and an Activation Code for the software.

Supported Platforms:





[ Running on: Android 4.4 or later | iOS 13 or later | Windows 10 | OSX Mavericks or later ]


Activating AmblyoPlay

Your AmblyoPlay® Box has arrived at your doorstep. Now what?

All the instructions are written on the Activation Card you received inside AmblyoPlay® Box. Following the instructions, you will create the account and activate AmblyoPlay®. After the activation, you’ll be able to download the software for your device (iPad, Android tablet, Mac computer, or Windows PCs).

AmblyoPlay Activation Card
Once you activate the software, the time access you purchased starts running.
You can always check how much time you have left on your User Page.
AmblyoPlay Onboarding


Opening AmblyoPlay for the first time

Now that AmblyoPlay® is installed on your device, you can open it for the first time.

Once you’ll open it and sign in, you will be greeted with an onboarding sequence. The software will guide you through a short procedure, during which you will answer some questions and perform a simple test, which will help our algorithm prepare a personalized training program just for you! Based on the results, one of the two types of vision therapy will be recommended: monocular (wearing an eye patch over the good eye) or binocular (using AmblyoPlay® Glasses).

Once you’ve finished the onboarding, you will enter the Parents Menu, where you can adjust the settings of the software.


Personalized training experience

Training program is completely personalized to your needs and it addresses visual functions that are in deficit. First element of personalization happens already during the onboarding process. There we determine the correct starting point and precise training sequence. However, this is just the beginning. Our software is monitoring how well you are doing, what are challenges that it observes and readjusts itself in real-time to give you optimal training experience and results. While there is only one piece of software, it is able to create countless unique setups of vision therapy training for very specific needs!


What do AmblyoPlay Glasses do?

AmblyoPlay® Glasses come with an elastic straps that you use to fixate on your head. They are worn when performing binocular vision therapy. They should be worn over your prescription glasses (if you have them) – optimal refractive correction is essential for effective vision therapy.

While they might look like regular 3D glasses because of red and blue lenses, they are used in a different way. Using AmblyoPlay® Glasses we split the image that each eye sends to the brain: each eye only sees part of the image on the screen. Thus, we are able to deliver more stimuli to the lazy eye, as well as keep the binocular visual function active.

AmblyoPlay® Glasses are made from sustainable materials – namely recycled wood. Lenses are produced in Germany and have the highest possible filtration on a wide range of displays, which is very important to achieve both strengthening of the lazy eye and/or strengthening of binocular visual function.


Performing automated visual acuity screening

Every week, you will be prompted by th software to run a short sequence of visual acuity testing. The improvement in visual acuity is usually the first indicator of improved visual function. Through this weekly test, we are able to observe relative changes in visual acuity – it is not however intended to be used as a diagnostic element!

Visual acuity screening is performed without AmblyoPlay® Glasses – only with optimal refraction that you or your child are wearing. The parent should monitor the screening by making sure that it is performed at approximately the same distance from the screen as always and that there is no leaning in towards the display.