What is Vision Therapy?

What is vision therapy?

Simply speaking, vision therapy is a preparing you to learn or improve your visual abilities. It allows you to quickly take in, use, and understand more information over a large area of space. It also allows you to use vision to learn more and succeed better at work, school, or in athletics. Rather than only exercising your eyes, it also involves an awareness of movement and control of movement. The result leads to smooth and automatic movement of eyes coordinated with movement.
It is of course primarily targeting an existing dysfunction o the vision system. Optometric vision therapy can thus be understood as a treatment plan used for correcting these dysfunctions, which includes – but are not limited to – the treatment of strabismus, amblyopia, accommodation, ocular motor function and visual-perceptual-motor abilities.

Among different visual abilities and skills that vision therapy can help improve are the following:ability to follow a moving object smoothly, accurately and effortlessly with both eyes while also performing other activities (thinking, talking, reading or listening);ability to quickly and accurately fix the eyes on a series of stationary objects;ability to change focus quickly without blur from far to near and near to far;ability to team two eyes together;ability to see over a large area (periphery) while pointing the eyes straight ahead;ability to see and recognize objects in a short look;ability to see in depth.

Vision therapy is one of the most successful methods for treatment of visual dysfunctions. Recent study which looked at different empirical studies showed, that vision therapy yielded positive results in 61%, compared to 39% for occlusion therapy, 23% for overminus lens TX and 24% for prism therapy.

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