Vision therapy

Vision therapy or optometric vision therapy is a supervised program created to improve visual functions. It is a non-invasive therapy that helps develop visual functions through different sets of activities using a wide range of different tools. Ideally, the home-based solutions are complemented with in-office vision therapy performed by a trained eye care professional.


Myths about vision therapy

One of the most persistent myths about vision therapy is that it only works for kids up to the age of 7. However, age IS NOT a factor in the success although it slows the progression of the therapy. There are numerous studies and books written by adults that recovered by using vision therapy, such as Dr. Sue Barry in her book Fixing my Gaze, who achieved success through vision therapy at the age of 47! It is never too late!


Compliance – the key to successful vision therapy

The success of vision therapy depends on different elements, but some of the central ones are repeatability and regularity of performing vision therapy exercises. This is known as compliance or adherence to the training program. The problem with some older methods of vision therapy is that the exercises are repetitive and boring, so young kids refuse to do the exercises. For this reason, it is very important to make vision therapy exciting and fun!


It’s vision therapy for lazy eye!

AmblyoPlay® is a vision therapy solution that is performed through playing therapeutic games and exercises on your tablet or computer for 30 minutes per day. With exercises that adapt to each patient and their specific needs, it is an ideal solution for problems such as lazy eye, strabismus, convergence insufficiency, double vision, or other binocular problems.

Vision Therapy

Perfect for patients of all ages above 3 years. Yes, it works for adults, too!

Visual skills

Helps improve all 6 core visual skills required for the treatment of a broad range of problems.


Makes vision therapy fun and engaging through games and a reward system.

AmblyoPlay is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Italian, Portugal, Turkish and Slovenian language!

Supported Platforms:





[ Running on: Android 7.0 or later (2GB+ RAM) | iOS 15 or later | Windows 10/11 (64-bit) | macOS 11+ (Big Sur) ]

AmblyoPlay works for patients above the age of 3 years – and yes, it does work for adults as well, just the speed of improvement diminishes with age.

It has been successfully used to treat the following problems:

    • amblyopia or lazy eye (all forms, including bilateral)
    • strabismus
      • exotropia
      • esotropia
      • intermittent esotropia and exotropia
    • convergence problems
    • divergence problems
    • focusing problems
    • diplopia or double vision
    • eye-teaming
    • eye movement dysfunctions
    • tracking problems
    • saccadic movements
    • accommodative dysfunction

While it is an extensive list, it is not exclusive. AmblyoPlay can help with other problems and please do reach out if you’re not sure if it is for you at [email protected]!

Improving 6 core visual skills

AmblyoPlay® is used by patients worldwide to treat a wide range of visual dysfunctions, such as lazy eye, strabismus, convergence insufficiency, double vision, and many others. We are able to tackle such a broad range of problems by improving 6 core visual skills. When we improve these core skills, we also improve our vision as a whole.

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