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Young patients enrolled in vision therapy are often struggling with vision therapy homework. Because activities nowadays are somewhat boring and unengaging, kids don’t enjoy doing them, which leads to a low compliance rate and consequently suboptimal results.

This frustrates many parents and doctors alike. Our solution is a gamified vision therapy solution AmblyoPlay that you can prescribe for home use to complement your in-office training. AmblyoPlay is performed through playing games and serves as a great additional feature that many practitioners worldwide are already offering to their patients.

Our Official AmblyoPlay provider’s program is offering practitioners a chance to include AmblyoPlay in their VT regime. Expand your offering, make vision therapy exciting, and provide your young patients with a new solution that will keep them engaged and motivated for their vision therapy homework. Want to join the ranks of Official AmblyoPlay providers?

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AmblyoPlay VT

AmblyoPlay is easy to use, entertaining and engaging vision therapy solution that helps your patients with vision therapy homework. Training program includes different therapeutic games and exercises and is performed daily for 30 minutes. Training can be performed monocularly or binocularly depending on the patient. Because of higher compliance the results can be significantly better.

AmblyoPlay Vision Therapy

10,000+ patients worldwide

50+ clinics in US, Canada, Australia


Personalized vision therapy!


AmblyoPlay® is a personalized vision therapy, meaning that while a single software – each patient receives a completely tailor-made program for their distinctive problem. This is achieved with combination of two components: self-learning algorithm and AmblyoPlay Glasses. Self-learning algorithm is constantly monitoring and analyzing results and adapting the program, while AmblyoPlay® Glasses with red and blue filters split the image each eye receives. Knowing which eye needs what kind of stimuli we are able to stimulate each eye individually at appropriate level, as well as train the brain how to use both eyes at the same time in perfect sync.

Improving 6 core visual skills

AmblyoPlay® is used by patients worldwide to treat a wide range of visual dysfunctions, such as lazy eye, strabismus, convergence insufficiency, double vision, and many others. We are able to tackle such a broad range of problems by improving 6 core visual skills. When we improve these core skills, we also improve our vision as a whole.

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Successful stories

Ann AmblyoPlay Review


Westmount, QC

My son is 6 years old and has a “lazy eye” that required 2 years of patching and glasses. This treatment helped but very little. I decided to try this method and after almost 3 months I can barely notice his eye being “lazy”. It was definitely hard to get him to want to play these games at first. Wearing his glasses and the colored pair on top was very uncomfortable in the first few weeks. He eventually got used to it. Also, it was challenging for him to play some of the games because he doesn’t play video games at all. But we pushed through all that and didn’t give up. I ended up having to bribe him, which worked! In the end, we are happy we did this. I have yet to do a follow up with his doctor to confirm how much he has improved, but we can definitely see the difference just by looking at his eye.

Nicole AmblyoPlay Review


Bradyville, TN

When we first started Amblyoplay I was very skeptical. The glasses look just like 3D glasses that you get to watch a 3D movie except with a sturdier wooden frame. The lenses even pop out sometimes and we have to push them back in. However, my son has been using the game for a year now and his vision has greatly improved! We went to his yearly eye checkup last month and his right eye WAS lazy with the vision of 20/150 while his left eye was 20/40 and at his appointment, his left eye was a perfect 20/20 and his right eye was 20/80! and no longer considered lazy! We had done nothing to improve his vision except for Amblyoplay. Sometimes after he plays, his right eye is very red so it’s really making it work hard! I am most thankful for the game in that he trains the eyes to work together. His right eye was so much further behind that the left eye was becoming really dominant. We were afraid that the vision in his right eye would get worse and worse and could possibly even be “turned off” and not used at all by his brain. I will definitely be running our subscription for another year.
Mary AmblyoPlay Review


Cedar Rapids, IA

I’m a parent of an 8 year old boy that had been diagnosed with Nystagmus which is basically a misconnect between the brain and eyes. He sees steps and patterned floor tile as beveled or uneven and when focusing on a ball coming at him or even reading, his eyes rapidly move. After looking into vision therapy options, I’ve chosen Ambyloplay to try. We had reached out to them prior to joining and had been told that there wasn’t any kind of testing related to my son’s diagnosis and that Ambyloplay may not even work for us. It’s been a year now that we have routinely utilized the Ambyloplay program and I have seen a HUGE difference in my son’s (depth perception) ability to go up and down steps. Which has been Amazing for both Him and I 🙂

So thank you Ambyloplay, I truly believe that you have helped and will continue to help.

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