The future of digital eyecare

The future of digital eyecare
The future of digital eyecare

Technology has been shaping basically every aspect of our lives for quite some time now. Banking and transport have all become inherently connected to the internet and long queues at the bank or waiting at the station not knowing when your line will arrive have more or less become yesterday’s news. Oh and of course online shopping – meaning physical stores are becoming all but obsolete. With all these advancements, however, there is one particular area which sadly, but understandably, has taken a rather more conservative approach – healthcare. What is the situation in the digital eyecare?

Digital eyecare is becoming safe, secure, and efficient

Data privacy and clinical assurance are some of the major concerns in people’s minds when it comes to healthcare. In the early days this might have been an issue but with strengthened privacy standards by the lawmakers it is not really a concern anymore. Besides, many developers now work in conjunction with healthcare professionals who really do know their onions. Thus, the apps out there are now better than ever and some of them are genuinely great medical products. With more collaboration between the developers, the lawmakers, the regulators, the healthcare providers, and the professional medical associations, the future is undoubtedly bright – and digital! 

AmblyoPlay team strive to deliver only the highest quality products

Being one of the pioneers in digital eyecare and particularly vision training, the AmblyoPlay team aims to deliver only the best eye care products. A diverse team supported by eyecare professionals involved in everyday clinical practice provide vision training solutions that can be used by patients from the safety and comfort of their own home. The possibilities for digital eyecare are nowadays infinite. In the coming years we are expecting to witness many more products and solutions that will make dealing with numerous eye conditions better, easier, and more effective. Expect The AmblyoPlay team to be there, among the best in the field of ophthalmology and vision.

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