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Catherine AmblyoPlay Review


Amblyoplay has been amazing for my daughter. She had 20/200 in the left eye, and I purchased a 3-month subscription. We tried to do this every day, but we did

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Josh AmblyoPlay Review


I am a 22-year-old AmblyoPlay user and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has Amblyopia or a ‘lazy eye’ as it is commonly known as. The app uses

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Angel AmblyoPlay Review


I’m a parent of an 8 year old boy that had been diagnosed with Nystagmus which is basically a misconnect between the brain and eyes. He sees steps and patterned

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I really like how convenient and easy to use AmblyoPlay is. It’s so nice to be able to do vision therapy while in my own home listening to my favorite

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Summer AmblyoPlay Review

Summer M.

I started vision therapy after 30 days of vestibular therapy from toxic mold poisoning from a leaky pipe in our condo’s laundry room.  I lost my ability to see clearly

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So is AmblyoPlay a good program for fixing strabismus? AmblyoPlay is an amazing computer-based tool for vision therapy. The red/blue activities cancel perfectly with the glasses provided, making an amazing

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My 8-year old daughter loves AmblyoPlay games. They are not only educational (geometric shapes), but also interesting and entertaining. Large assortment of games keeps things interesting, which is crucial to

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