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John G AmblyoPlay Review

John G.

Amblyoplay has been a blessing to us and to our 7 year old granddaughter. She has been using the program for many months and every time we go for a

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Annemarie AmblyoPlay Review


My son has been using Amblyoplay to help with a convergence issue now for approx 3 months. The program is easy to use & he is enjoying the games. We

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Louis AmblyoPlay Review


Great product, easy to use. My daughter was able to use it by herself. Easy to keep small children engaged, our 11-year-old daughter was entertained while using it, it takes

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Sarah AmblyoPlay Review


I am grateful to have joined this program as ever since the optometrists have shut down due to quarantine my child was able to continue progressive exercises with Amblyoplay which

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Sofia AmblyoPlay Review


Our son has been having lots of fun while improving his capacity to see more accurately. Ever since he was first diagnosed, working with him was always very hard. He

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Troy AmblyoPlay Review


Great tool – My son has gotten a lot of benefits. Would have been great to have more help onboarding. It was several weeks before we had him fully optimized

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Eric AmblyoPlay Review


As an optometrist with a background in pediatrics and vision therapy, I can honestly say that this product has been an excellent option for my son who deals with intermittent

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Naomi AmblyoPlay Review


Our son has been using the Amblyoplay program with wonderful results. It is a nice and reasonably affordable at-home system. This program is a perfect fit for our busy schedules,

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Kayla W. AmblyoPlay Review

Kayla W.

Our daughter was diagnosed with Amblyopia in her right eye at the age of four. Even with corrective lenses, she was seeing 20/80. After two years of patching, atropine drops,

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George AmblyoPlay Review


I decided to give Amblyoplay a try as an adult. Unfortunately as all of the opticians where I live are closed due to COVID lockdown, I haven’t been able to

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