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Havilah AmblyoPlay Review


My daughter used this to help her with her Convergence Insufficiency/ After six months of use, we have seen great progress. Six months of Optical

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Amblyoplay has proved to be a fun and successful way to help our daughter’s left eye realign. She really enjoys the rewards, like getting new

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Mark AmblyoPlay Review


We are happy to have found this vision therapy to do at home with our five year old son and feel like it has been

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Sara AmblyoPlay Review


My son was diagnosed with refractive amblyopia when he was 10. We tried patching therapy but were warned that the effectiveness would be minimal due

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I am 24 years old and have anisometropia amblyopia. Since doctors always told me nothing could help to better my amblyopic eye, I wanted to

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My child has been using the program consistently with great results. Her doctor wants to keep her on it for a bit longer to train

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Patrycja AmblyoPlay Review


I’m a 25-year-old girl. I have amblyopia on one eye and I’m also legally blind on that eye. I discovered Amblyoplay on the Internet and

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Karine AmblyoPlay review


It was fun working with Amblyoplay my 6 year old boy loved it. Much more appreciated than the eye patch!

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Nicole AmblyoPlay Review


When we first started Amblyoplay I was very skeptical. The glasses look just like 3D glasses that you get to watch a 3D movie except

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