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Jenella AmblyoPlay Review


I bought this for my 8 year old after she complained that her VR Headset was too heavy. Best decision ever as the blue/green glasses

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Karen AmblyoPlay Review


Amblyoplay was the perfect solution to not being able to go to vision therapy during the Covid lockdowns. We could no longer afford vision therapy

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Vesela AmblyoPlay Review


My little girl have a very big difference from the beginning only for 3 months. She have a progress to 30% to the lazy eye.

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Maryse AmbyoPlay Review


Amblyoplay was the answer for our son. His vision is now 20/20 and is lazy eye correct itself super fast.

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Morgan AmblyoPlay Review


No more migraines! My 10yo son was suffering from frequent migraines and has ADHD and dyslexia. He was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency, which was likely

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Amblyoplay has worked wonders in helping to improve my daughter’s vision. We are so happy that her eye no longer turns. The exercises are fun

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My son has really enjoyed Amblyoplay. He loves playing games and earning gems to help style his character. He “plays games” while his vision improves.

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As a middle-aged man who had been told since childhood that there was basically nothing that could be done to help with my “lazy eye,”

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My 6-year-old son has been using the program for the past 5 months after his doctor’s proposal. The program is a very simple and funny

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