Categories: Strabismus


I have been using Amblyoplay for a few months and after a few weeks noticed an improvement in my ability to use both my eyes

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Hello there. My name is Elizabeth Gkortsila. I am 10 years old and I come from Greece. At the age of 3, my ophthalmologist saw

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Our son was diagnosed with strabismus esotropia when he was two years old and received surgery to correct it within the year. It wasn’t until

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Amblyoplay has proved to be a fun and successful way to help our daughter’s left eye realign. She really enjoys the rewards, like getting new

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My child has been using the program consistently with great results. Her doctor wants to keep her on it for a bit longer to train

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Karen AmblyoPlay Review


Amblyoplay was the perfect solution to not being able to go to vision therapy during the Covid lockdowns. We could no longer afford vision therapy

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Amblyoplay has worked wonders in helping to improve my daughter’s vision. We are so happy that her eye no longer turns. The exercises are fun

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Kerry AmblyoPlay Review


I have noticed an improvement with my son’s eye already after only using this excellent app for a short period. The app was easy to

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Good number of games. Timely updates. I would recommend this app, especially during this pandemic. Keep up the good work.

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Stephanie AmblyoPlay Review


My son’s eye therapist has seen great improvement in my son’s left eye. We were hitting a plateau with the at-home vision activities and were

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