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We have found AmblyoPlay to be very helpful and generally manage to get our four year old daughter with lazy eye to do her two

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I searched the term “Online Amblyopia Treatment” on the web, and AmblyoPlay showed up in my results. I read most of the website and found

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Amblyoplay helps motivate both eyes working together at real time. My son was late discovered lazy eye and this is what at least improves eye

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Our child is 11 years old now and enjoyed the available games and the comfort of the red/blue glasses. It was not that difficult to

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Our daughter has experienced some amblyopia. We have done some patching and some in person vision therapy. The amblyoplay has been a unique product. I

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My son had very low vision since his birth- around 20%, he was diagnosed with amblyopia very late – at 4,5 years old. Now he

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Tried Amblyo play with my daughter. She has lazy eye and wears glasses. I heard that exercises included in play help kids to overcome their

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My son Jayden really enjoys his Amblyoplay. It makes vision therapy fun. Each eye is getting trained to work independently. We are so glad we

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We have been using Amblyoplay for the last six months and have seen a very good improvement in my son’s lazy eye. The games are

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I subscribed to Amblyoplay for my 13 year old son who has a ‘lazy’ eye & has done since birth. He sees an ophthalmologist regularly

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