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My son was struggling in kindergarten with learning to read. I could tell he knew HOW but it wasn’t working. There was a bigger issue.

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Hi Since my daughter has been using amblyoplay her sight is improving and enjoying playing the games.

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Our daughter has been using this program. We signed up for a 6-month subscription. It has made a ton of difference for her eyes. It

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Lena AmblyoPlay Review


Thanks a lot to the amblyoplay team! I bought my daughter for 3 months, she enjoyed playing exciting games every day! My daughter says it

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Dameesha AmblyoPlay Review


I brought this for my son and it has really helped his vision. The games are fun and are age-appropriate. It also doesn’t feel forced,

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Viktoriia AmblyoPlay Review


Like amblyoplay because it works! For adults as well! A great way of strengthening binocular vision. The software is intuitive and easy to use. The

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My experience with Amblyoplay has been very good. I have a convergence insufficiency which has affected my ability to read, which was a big problem

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Havilah AmblyoPlay Review


My daughter used this to help her with her Convergence Insufficiency/ After six months of use, we have seen great progress. Six months of Optical

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Morgan AmblyoPlay Review


No more migraines! My 10yo son was suffering from frequent migraines and has ADHD and dyslexia. He was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency, which was likely

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