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Our daughter had a slight strabismus that’s hardly observable and it does not affect her vision at all. Even her eye doctor said that he doesn’t see any need for a procedure or therapy if it won’t get worse. She just started school and right away – kids started picking on here, teasing her about her skewed eye. We talked with teachers and parents but it’s not really helping. We’re playing your games now and the results are starting to show even after just two weeks. They still pick on her but I trust that after the problem is gone – they will forget about it.

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Sharon Hill, PA

I brought this for my son and it has really helped his vision. The games are fun and are age-appropriate. It also doesn’t feel forced, he doesn’t mind completing the activities.



Paradise Valley, AZ

Amblyoplay is a wonderful, kid-friendly tool to help keep kids engaged in eye exercises. The platform is very thought-out. Characters are creative, games are fun and even the music and sounds are fun! Weekly feedback is super useful. So thankful we found this and it kept my son engaged. Highly recommend.



Devon, United Kingdom

Hi, Amblyoplay has been a great 3D workout and has also been fun for our son. He has enjoyed the games which have kept him keen to gain different characters and win gems. After patching we used this to keep his eye working and there has been some good improvement. Some games he has found hard such as blocks but with practice he has got so much better. Thank you Amblyoplay.

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