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Sharnes' opinion about AmblyoPlay

My daughter, Rebecca is 9 years old. We live in a small town in South Africa. We are limited to what special services we receive here and for the most part we have to drive to a larger city. Rebecca has had to wear glasses since the age of 4 years old due to a squint or lazy right eye. She has to wear them permanently but doesn’t require her strong eye to be patched. The optometrist who has been dealing with our daughter’s case since she was 4 suggested we give Amblyoplay a try because they have seen some amazing turnaround results in children similar to my daughter’s prognosis.
We started Amblyoplay at the end of last year and we were in a routine of doing at least one session a day. Then the beginning of the year hit with hot days spent swimming and the new year in a new grade and we became overwhelmed in how to fit school work, sport,s and just life in general in as well as a session of Amblyoplay. About a month ago my daughter started to complain about headaches which made me take her back to our optometrist where after doing some assessments her squint had become more severe.
We came home and I gave my daughter a lecture about how our eyes are important and that we need to work harder at doing two sessions of Amblyoplay a day and it is a non-negotiable. All other commitments to sports, homework piano practice can only happen if she has done her two sessions in the day. We are happy to tell you that in a month there has been a significant improvement in her lazy eye and we are hopeful at her next assessment for really good news.
Hard work does pay off and also Rebecca thinks there are literally people busy watching her on the camera as she does her play therapy so it makes her try harder. I haven’t and will not be telling her otherwise.


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Adult patient with strabismus using AmblyoPlay.

So is AmblyoPlay a good program for fixing strabismus? AmblyoPlay is an amazing computer-based tool for vision therapy. The red/blue activities cancel perfectly with the glasses provided, making an amazing tool to break suppression and improve symptoms associated with strabismus and amblyopia.


5-year old girl with amblyopia.

We have been using AmblyoPlay since November (approximately 5 months) and we have definitely noticed a remarkable improvement with my daughters eye. At her last follow up appointment the ophthalmologist was very impressed with the progress and we are excited to hear what he says at the next one.

Father of a 4-year old boy with esotropia.

As an optometrist with a background in pediatrics and vision therapy, I can honestly say that this product has been an excellent option for my son who deals with intermittent esotropia during the covid19 pandemic. It is an excellent adjunct to in-office therapy for anyone looking for some additional therapy for their kids at home.

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Why Do We Suggest a Minimum Time of 6 Months for Success?

Based on the data from over 15,000 patients using AmblyoPlay, improvements start within 4 months, while optimal results take anywhere between 6-18 months on average. The duration of required training depends on the patient’s age, the severity of the problem, accompanying diseases, and adherence to the training program.

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