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I signed up for 6 months and am almost at the end of that 6 months.
My optometrist is impressed with the visual acuity improvement in my right amblyopic, astigmatic and long-sighted eye. I have gained a whole line on the screening chart!

The games are very much kid-oriented, so adults might find some of them a bit tedious. But then others are great nostalgia – like a version of tetris. I must admit, I wasn’t 100% compliant – I didn’t complete the training every day as life happens. However I still achieved good improvements and am looking into extending my access.

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Gauteng, South Africa

Hi Since my daughter has been using amblyoplay her sight is improving and enjoying playing the games.



Alberta, CA

My son Jayden really enjoys his Amblyoplay. It makes vision therapy fun. Each eye is getting trained to work independently. We are so glad we signed up!



Montclair, NJ

AmblyoPlay is a really useful tool, even for adults. When I find myself getting tired that’s when I usually start to have a problem and the way my eyes function begin to impact my concentration. My left eye is my less dominant eye but it feels like it is getting a workout when I use AmblyoPlay.

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