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My daughter can’t stand the eye patch and we’ve tried different brands – her skin just gets irritated so quickly. I’ve even tried applying some cream and while it did get better it was just a struggle for me as a mother to watch my daughter suffer through it. I ordered amblyoplay to avoid patching so when the software recommended monocular therapy with an eye patch, I was on their support right away demanding a refund. They suggested using a ‘pirate patch’ for just a month or so before trying on binocular therapy without a patch. After going through this I must say I honestly got some of the best advice on this journey from their team: they seemed to understand the problem and us! We’re finished now and we’re done with vision therapy for good but oh boy would I recommend this to everyone going through the same problem as we did!

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Delta, OH

My daughter used this to help her with her Convergence Insufficiency/ After six months of use, we have seen great progress. Six months of Optical Therapy was going to cost our family over $3,000. This number was astronomical for our family who had been hit hard during this pandemic. We are very thankful to have found something affordable and so easy to use. She loves playing the games. I appreciate the assessments that are done regularly and the feedback is good too. Thanks Amblyoplay!



Kecamatan Kuta Utara, Indonesia

Amblyoplay has proved to be a fun and successful way to help our daughter's left eye realign. She really enjoys the rewards, like getting new costumes for her character and she likes completing the training because it makes her feel "satisfied". The charts are really good as we can watch how her eyes are improving by checking the training efficiency chart and the regular eye screening test results.



Ontario, Canada

We are happy to have found this vision therapy to do at home with our five year old son and feel like it has been beneficial. He has now been using it for several months and we feel we have seen progress. As being well laid out and easy to use, the game-based exercises are engaging. Each of the two daily sessions is divided into 5 games that take about fifteen minutes to complete. We've found it's not difficult to fit into our daily schedule. The only thing that could be improved would be more games added as there isn't a big variety. But all in all, it's a great home therapy tool that we highly recommend.

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