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My son (9yrs) has Duane Syndrome and has struggled with tracking issues and double vision since birth. Amblyoplay has been a wonderful tool for us. We have been doing variations of vision therapy since he was 5 and have seen improvements, but this system allows my son more independence with great results. Also, he really enjoys it! Previous digital therapy programs we used were effective, but boring. This is fun! No more fights to get him to do it! Hurray! And the fact that his therapist can monitor his progress and make adjustments as we go is amazing. The cost compared to regular office visits or some of the other technologies is very reasonable too. Definitely a worthwhile program.

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Kazanlyk, Bulgaria

My little girl have a very big difference from the beginning only for 3 months. She have a progress to 30% to the lazy eye. Amblyoplay is much more than therapy. Thank you!



Miami, FL

Amblyoplay was the answer for our son. His vision is now 20/20 and is lazy eye correct itself super fast.



Boise, ID

No more migraines! My 10yo son was suffering from frequent migraines and has ADHD and dyslexia. He was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency, which was likely causing the migraines. 4 months of Amblyoplay and his migraines were gone!

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