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Paula AmblyoPlay Review


I am using Amblyoplay as an adult (46 years old), trying to improve my stereovision. I have strabismus since childhood, had 2 surgeries in the early years, and discovered recently that I could not see in 3D as a consequence.
I found Amblyoplay to be a great tool to re-train the eyes as well as to gain awareness of my current vision challenges. I have been using it for 6 months, combining it with some natural vision exercises to release tension (which I believe it helps a lot especially in adults) and I am already experiencing significant improvement. I highly recommend it!

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

AmblyoPlay is  software to use for lazy eyes that includes playing games. It is fun and it works!



Zagreb, Croatia

After three months of training, my eye hurts less and I can see much better. I will definitely continue.



Big Pine Key, FL

I used amblyoplay for a few 2 years ago and saw a big difference in my vision. I recently started up again and am happy with my results in just 2 weeks.

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