We discovered my son needed glasses just before he turned 5 years old. His first prescriptions was +5.50 OD and +6.00 OS along with amblyopia in the left eye. It was recommended at that time that we start vision therapy by patching.
He was instructed to patch daily for a least an hour and we needed to follow up visit with the optometrist every 6 months. After the first visit, there was no improvement and the doctor recommended moving his prescription to +6.50 OD and +7.00 OS along with continuing the vision therapy.
After one year, at almost aged 7, there was still a limited improvement of the amblyopia and again the doctor recommended a prescription increase to +7.50 and +8.00. At this time we requested to be referred to an ophthalmologist, who prescribed vision therapy in the form of daily atropine drops which were also used with different prescription glasses with a plano lens in the right eye for near-complete occlusion. This therapy continued for nearly 18 months.
Just before he turned 9, his ophthalmologist advised that our window of improvement was narrowing if not completely closed, still with limited improvement. Vision in the left eye at this check-up was 20/60. It was at think point I began to research other options for therapy and found Amblyoplay. I order the unit and started with a 6-month subscription. After three months of use (admittedly not consistent with hectic schedules) he was due for a follow-up and the optometrist was impressed that his amblyopia had improved slightly, encouraged, we increased his therapy time and saw the doctor again a month later for a full exam and his left eye was assessed at 20/40! A is about to turn 10 and we are encouraged and hopeful that regular and continued use over the next few months will fully correct his amblyopia.
Thank you.
A very grateful mom!