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Me and my wife (parents of 4) have quite hard time organizing the kids, their activities and our work so doing 3 visits with the doctor per week (1+ hour of drive away!!!) was simply undoable! We were looking if there’s anything we can find that we could do at home. We bought several tools and Amblyoplay was among them. My opinion? I wasn’t impressed when I first ran the software and when we got the glasses (nothing special at first), but guess what? It’s the thing that my son wants to use and for that reason – we’re working with it and his doc was really taken aback when we came for a checkup – going from 200/20 to 60/20 in a space of 2 months.

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Cologne, Germany

Like amblyoplay because it works! For adults as well! A great way of strengthening binocular vision. The software is intuitive and easy to use. The games are fun and engaging. Happy to have found this vision therapy to do at home. I have now been using it for several months and feel the progress. Each of the two daily sessions are divided into 5 games that take about fifteen minutes to complete. We’ve found it’s not difficult to fit into our daily schedule. The only thing that could be improved would be more games added as there isn’t a big variety. But all in all it’s a great home therapy tool that I highly recommend.



Brandon, FL

My experience with Amblyoplay has been very good. I have a convergence insufficiency which has affected my ability to read, which was a big problem for me. Amblyoplay has helped a ton and I see a lot better. Consistency is key with training. You really have to train every day and can’t go weeks without training or else you won’t see the results you want. Overall, I highly recommend Amblyoplay.



Kronberg, Germany

Amblyoplay changes lives. I’ve been unhappy with my vision since I was a little. My dad found Amblyoplay for me and the results and changes every week are incredible. I’ve been doing it for six months and my life has changed. The therapy exercises are easy to understand and you can test your visual acuity once per week. I would recommend it to anyone with Amblyopia. I am forever grateful to the creators of this wonder.

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