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Me and my wife (parents of 4) have quite hard time organizing the kids, their activities and our work so doing 3 visits with the doctor per week (1+ hour of drive away!!!) was simply undoable! We were looking if there’s anything we can find that we could do at home. We bought several tools and Amblyoplay was among them. My opinion? I wasn’t impressed when I first ran the software and when we got the glasses (nothing special at first), but guess what? It’s the thing that my son wants to use and for that reason – we’re working with it and his doc was really taken aback when we came for a checkup – going from 200/20 to 60/20 in a space of 2 months.

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Fort Myers, FL

Amblyoplay has worked wonders in helping to improve my daughter’s vision. We are so happy that her eye no longer turns. The exercises are fun and my daughter looks forward to playing them. I highly recommend Amblyoplay.



Orlando, FL

My son has really enjoyed Amblyoplay. He loves playing games and earning gems to help style his character. He “plays games” while his vision improves. He’s recently discovered the chart that maps his improvement and he loves checking it after each eye check to see how his vision has improved.

Duong Van

Duong Van

Houston, TX

My son used this app for 2 years now and It works great!

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