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Angel AmblyoPlay Review


I’m a parent of an 8 year old boy that had been diagnosed with Nystagmus which is basically a misconnect between the brain and eyes. He sees steps and patterned floor tile as beveled or uneven and when focusing on a ball coming at him or even reading, his eyes rapidly move. After looking into vision therapy options, I’ve chosen Ambyloplay to try. We had reached out to them prior to joining and had been told that there wasn’t any kind of testing related to my son’s diagnosis and that Ambyloplay may not even work for us. It’s been a year now that we have routinely utilized the Ambyloplay program and I have seen a HUGE difference in my son’s (depth perception) ability to go up and down steps. Which has been Amazing for both Him and I 🙂

So thank you Ambyloplay, I truly believe that you have helped and will continue to help.

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Bradyville, TN

When we first started Amblyoplay I was very skeptical. The glasses look just like 3D glasses that you get to watch a 3D movie except with a sturdier wooden frame. The lenses even pop out sometimes and we have to push them back in. However, my son has been using the game for a year now and his vision has greatly improved! We went to his yearly eye checkup last month and his right eye WAS lazy with vision of 20/150 while his left eye was 20/40 and at his appointment his left eye was a perfect 20/20 and his right eye was 20/80! and no longer considered lazy! We had done nothing to improve his vision except for Amblyoplay. Sometimes after he plays, his right eye is very red so it’s really making it work hard! I am most thankful for the game in that he trains the eyes to work together. His right eye was so much further behind that the left eye was becoming really dominant. We were afraid that the vision in his right eye would get worse and worse and could possibly even be “turned off” and not used at all by his brain. I will definitely be running our subscription for another year.



Claremont, AU

I bought this for my 8 year old after she complained that her VR Headset was too heavy. Best decision ever as the blue/green glasses were far easier to wear and assisted her to work her amblyopic eye with a range of games. I recommend for all kids!



Atlanta, GA

Amblyoplay was the perfect solution to not being able to go to vision therapy during the Covid lockdowns. We could no longer afford vision therapy because my husbands business was lost that this became our daily vision therapy. My 9 yr old loves the computer that it was a perfect fit for us. I highly recommend it. He loved completing games so that he could get characters. Highly recommend.

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