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AmblyoPlay is a simple and effective vision therapy solution. Purchasing the box includes all these features!

6-Month Access

Get full access to AmblyoPlay for 6 months. This is the average duration of vision training needed to see significant recovery. After access expires, you can further extend it within your account.

AmblyoPlay Glasses

AmblyoPlay Box includes AmblyoPlay Glasses with red/green filters. Filters are used to target stimulation to each eye and can be worn if user wears contact lenses or does not wear any refraction.

AmblyoPlay Clip-ons

AmblyoPlay Box also includes a Clip-on with red/green filters. They work in the same way as AmblyoPlay Glasses, however, they are included especially for those who already wear prescription glasses.


No two individuals are the same – so each require a tailor-made approach when it comes to vision training. With AmblyoPlay, you receive personalized daily trainings for your particular case.

Multiple Devices

Each AmblyoPlay Box is for one user only. However, you can use it on multiple different devices, giving you flexibility to for example use it on a desktop at home or on a tablet when traveling!

Multiple Platforms

No need to shill out on purchasing expensive new computer or tablet – AmblyoPlay supports and runs on Windows 10 computers, macOS computers, Android tablets and iPads!

14-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Every our AmblyoPlay order is risk-free! We offer 14-Day Moneyback Guarantee, so you can return any package within first two weeks of use of AmblyoPlay!

Free Fast Shipping

We deliver AmblyoPlay worldwide with our trusted shipping provider DHL. They make sure packages are delivered to you quickly and safely!

Dedicated Support

Not sure if AmblyoPlay is for you? Have any technical or practical questions or reservations? Let us know at [email protected] and our dedicated team will help you through!


Here are some of our happy users. Read about their experience and get insight into the vision therapy journeys.



Thetford, UK

We've been using AmbloPlay for the last 6 months on a daily basis trying to improve our 4 years old daughter intermittent exotropia on both eyes. We can see a significant improvement and even a doctor said it must work even though he is skeptical about vision therapy. so we gonna keep up on using this great tool. Thank you to all who have invented this therapy!



Bradyville, TN

When we first started Amblyoplay I was very skeptical. The glasses look just like 3D glasses that you get to watch a 3D movie except with a sturdier wooden frame. The lenses even pop out sometimes and we have to push them back in. However, my son has been using the game for a year now and his vision has greatly improved! We went to his yearly eye checkup last month and his right eye WAS lazy with the vision of 20/150 while his left eye was 20/40 and at his appointment, his left eye was a perfect 20/20 and his right eye was 20/80! and no longer considered lazy! We had done nothing to improve his vision except for Amblyoplay. Sometimes after he plays, his right eye is very red so it’s really making it work hard! I am most thankful for the game in that he trains the eyes to work together. His right eye was so much further behind that the left eye was becoming really dominant. We were afraid that the vision in his right eye would get worse and worse and could possibly even be “turned off” and not used at all by his brain. I will definitely be running our subscription for another year.



Brampton, ON

Tried Amblyo play with my daughter. She has lazy eye and wears glasses. I heard that exercises included in play help kids to overcome their lazy eye problem. First few months, my daughter was not so consistent in doing everyday. But afterwards she did it . We recently did her six months eye check and to my surprise this time her number didn’t increase.
Thank you so much



Sykesville, MD

I really like how convenient and easy to use AmblyoPlay is. It's so nice to be able to do vision therapy while in my own home listening to my favorite podcast.  I've been using it for almost 3 months now and I have noticed the therapy feeling easier to do. It took a little while but it's definitely noticeable now.



Quezon City, Philippines

Good number of games. Timely updates. I would recommend this app, especially during this pandemic. Keep up the good work.



Horseheads, NY

Amblyoplay was a lifesaver when the pandemic began. I am 45 years old and had just started vision therapy for 2 sessions so I really was still unsure how to work on improving my vision. When they canceled all sessions due to the pandemic, I started Amblyoplay and noticed the difference as my eyes became increasingly stronger. By the time they started seeing people again for vision therapy, in about 3-4 months, my Dr. was so impressed by the change. I would strongly encourage someone to try Ambloplay first or along with vision therapy. This cut the number of my vision therapy sessions that I had to complete in half saving me a significant amount of money. Thank you Amblyoplay!



Sharon Hill, PA

I brought this for my son and it has really helped his vision. The games are fun and are age-appropriate. It also doesn’t feel forced, he doesn’t mind completing the activities.



Bedfordshire, UK

I decided to give Amblyoplay a try as an adult. Unfortunately as all of the opticians where I live are closed due to COVID lockdown, I haven’t been able to compare any changes to my eyesight. What I would say is that I feel more aware of sight in my right eye. As time goes on I feel that the suppression of my eye is slowly being reduced and while I may not have perfect vision, day to day activities have gotten a little easier with the addition of a more active eye. It has only been 3 months and I’m excited to see further results.



Xanthi, Greece

My daughter Elena has been using AmblyoPlay for almost 6 months. Improvement of her eyesight is incredible. She is now 10 years old and was diagnosed with amblyopia when she was 6. With patching for almost 4 hours daily for 4 years, we have not had a remarkable change. With AmblyoPlay after only 5 months, the results are fascinating. We are all excited. And in fact with only 30 minutes of practice a day! I highly recommend it !!! Thanks a lot, AmblyoPlay!


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AmblyoPlay is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Greek, Italian, Portugal, Turkish and Slovenian language!

Supported Platforms:





[ Running on: Android 7.0 or later (2GB+ RAM) | iOS 15 or later | Windows 10/11 (64-bit) | macOS 11+ (Big Sur) ]

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