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Every vision therapy program performed in-office under supervision of the VT specialist requires a home part – what we oftentimes call vision therapy homework. Parents struggle to keep children motivated and engages and exercises quickly become repetitive. AmblyoPlay vision therapy is performed through playing games and serves as a great additional feature that many practitioners worldwide are already offering to their patients.

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Our Official AmblyoPlay providers program is a new initiative through which we are offering practitioners a chance to include AmblyoPlay in their VT regime. Expand your offering, make vision therapy exciting and provide your young patients with a new solution that will keep them engaged and motivated for their vision therapy homework. Want to join the ranks of Official AmblyoPlay providers?


United Kingdom

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Classic Eyes Eye Care Center


Očesna optika Vogrič

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Očesna Optika Vogrič

VID medicinski center

Medicinski Center Vid

Optika Kameleon

Optika Kameleon AmblyoPlay Provider

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