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User-friendly and affordable vision therapy. Get started with AmblyoPlay today and enjoy vision therapy in your home at the price of less than one coffee per day! 

Sadly, we don’t ship physical products to your country at this time. However, you can still take advantage of AmblyoPlay Vision Therapy by purchasing DIGITAL ONLY access.

DIGITAL ONLY version includes full access to the software. It supports multiple devices for a single patient. The training is personalized to each individual. For the use of the software, you will need red/green or red/blue glasses, which you need to buy locally.

Within 2 days of purchase, you will receive an email with an activation code to the email address you used at the time of purchase. Please, check your spam folder should you not receive an email with the code within this period of time. If it is not there, please contact .

AmblyoPlay is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Greek, and Slovenian language!

Supported Platforms:





[ Running on: Android 7.0 or later (2GB+ RAM) | iOS 13 or later | Windows 10/11 (64-bit) | macOS 10.14+ (Mojave) ]


AmblyoPlay is a simple and effective vision therapy solution. Purchasing the digital-only access includes the same features as the AmblyoPlay box, just without red/green filter glasses and clip-ons.

6-Month Access

Get full access to AmblyoPlay for 6 months. This is the average duration of vision training needed to see significant recovery. After access expires, you can further extend it within your account.


No two individuals are the same – so each require a tailor-made approach when it comes to vision training. With AmblyoPlay, you receive personalized daily trainings for your particular case.

Multiple Devices

Each AmblyoPlay Box is for one user only. However, you can use it on multiple different devices, giving you flexibility to for example use it on a desktop at home or on a tablet when traveling!

Multiple Platforms

No need to shill out on purchasing expensive new computer or tablet – AmblyoPlay supports and runs on Windows 10 computers, macOS computers, Android tablets and iPads!

Dedicated Support

Not sure if AmblyoPlay is for you? Have any technical or practical questions or reservations? Let us know at [email protected] and our dedicated team will help you through!

AmblyoPlay Glasses

We don't ship physical products to your country so filter glasses are not included in "digital only" package. For the use of the software, you will need red/green or red/blue glasses or clip-ons, which you need to buy locally.

AmblyoPlay Clip-ons

We don't ship physical products to your country so clip-ons are not included in "digital only" package. For the use of the software, you will need red/green or red/blue glasses or clip-ons, which you need to buy locally.


Here are some of our happy users. Read about their experience and get insight into the vision therapy journeys.

John G.

John G.

Valdosta, GA

Amblyoplay has been a blessing to us and to our 7 year old granddaughter. She has been using the program for many months and every time we go for a vision checkup the doctor says there is "noticeable improvement"...and that is what matters to us. Nora loves the program and she really loves the new updates to the program. She came running into my room last night with her Amblyoplay glasses on holding the IPAD excited to show me what was new and what she had done. For anyone who has a child with this kind of vision issues, I can tell you from personal experience that the program is well worth the money. Your child will thoroughly enjoy the program without even noticing what great therapy they are receiving. Just a wonderful idea and a well-implemented program. We cannot thank you enough.



Seattle, WA

Our daughter has been using this program. We signed up for a 6-month subscription. It has made a ton of difference for her eyes. It is really neat how it works, and is very tailored to your specific vision scenario. The program allows your brain to train your eyes, and use them in a new and better way than they were functioning’s pretty amazing.



Athens, Greece

Hello! I am Georgia, from Greece. My son George, aged 5, has a lazy eye and the ophthalmologist we visited suggested physiotherapy with the use of Amblyoplay app. He played various games and performed the tests for 6 months. There was some improvement, but I feel that he needs more work. The games were very interesting for him in the beginning, but after 4-5 months he got tired of their repetition. Maybe a larger variety of games will positively influence how long the app stays interesting for a 5 yo child. Nevertheless, the award system integrated into the app with the various professions has managed to keep his interest until the end of the therapy.



Tomball, TX

Great product, easy to use. My daughter was able to use it by herself.
Easy to keep small children engaged, our 11-year-old daughter was entertained while using it, it takes 30 min a day to exercise her eye.



Brampton, ON

Tried Amblyo play with my daughter. She has lazy eye and wears glasses. I heard that exercises included in play help kids to overcome their lazy eye problem. First few months, my daughter was not so consistent in doing everyday. But afterwards she did it . We recently did her six months eye check and to my surprise this time her number didn’t increase.
Thank you so much



Ontario, CA

If you’re an adult and you’re on the fence just know that Amblyoplay is great for adults, and not just for kids. I was hesitant at first because it seemed to be aimed at children predominantly but the games were pretty challenging and fun. The goal is to do 30 minutes daily but it’s broken up into two 15 min increments to make it feasible for someone with a busy schedule like me. I could see how this can also keep children engaged. The games require you to challenge yourself by improving your score each time. It keeps you from getting bored. It’s also easy to track your progress because they provide a dashboard that provides you information on changes to your vision by doing weekly vision checks. It also gives you metrics on your process with the games! I purchased six months and noticed some improvement. I decided i am going to continue for a while longer!



São Paulo, Brazil

Our son has been having lots of fun while improving his capacity to see more accurately. Ever since he was first diagnosed, working with him was always very hard. He would get tired and would not find any motivation to stop whatever it was he was doing to get to his eye exercises. He used to hate his eye training time. Now, he asks for it! In the beginning, some of the activities seemed impossible for him to accomplish. However, he would not give up, because he found the design and structure of each 'game', as he calls them, very interesting and challenging. He would say they were very amusing. As he has progressed, he has been having greater success, which helps his self-esteem as well as his visual system. We are very happy and satisfied. Thanks for helping our family to live better!!



Solun, Greece

Very helpful! The latest test and scores show that the results are more than encouraging! We are soon to get examined by our eye doctor who strongly recommended taking this therapy!



Gauteng, South Africa

Hi Since my daughter has been using amblyoplay her sight is improving and enjoying playing the games.

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