Marsden Ball


Ball used for vision therapy

Marsden Ball is a vision therapy tool that expands your vision therapy into new dimensions. It might not look very complex and advanced, but this tool offers big benefits to individuals affected by amblyopia, strabismus, and other conditions. Using this tool, you can expand upon your vision and help utilize it better. In contrast to AmblyoPlay, Marsden Ball is a low-tech solution that does not require any additional technology.

Marsden Ball is often prescribed when a patient is diagnosed with:

Great for eye tracking (fixation and pursuits)

Suitable for patients
from the age of 2!

Improves eye-hand

A lot of fun in
the process of training

Simple and effective!

Use it at home!

With or without filter glasses!

How to use Marsden Ball?

There is no single way how we use Marsden Ball. Below, we outline a couple of steps to make the most out of these activities. However, you can expand upon them freely, using other resources online (such as handy YouTube tutorials of how to use Marsden Ball).

  1. Attach Marsden Ball to the ceiling or have someone hold the rope in the air so the ball is swinging in the height of the patient’s eyes.
  2. Put on AmblyoPlay Glasses or other anaglyph glasses.
  3. Set the Marsden Ball in motion.
  4. Have a patient call out a letter they are about to press on the ball and then touch that same letter to push the ball away. Repeat for 1-2 minutes. If the swinging gets too fast, stop the ball and restart. You do not need to restart the time!
AmblyoPlay Marsden Ball

Additional tools work the best in combination with AmblyoPlay!

AmblyoPlay Marsden Ball


AmblyoPlay Marsden Ball with or without AmblyoPlay filter


Get your Marsden Ball!

Marsden ball exercises are just one vision therapy technique that can help improve common vision disorders, make reading easier, and improve sports performance. There are a wide variety of different activities that we can perform with Marsden Ball. Our version works great in combination with AmblyoPlay Glasses.


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