[Interview E09]: Young Dumitru Following Ophthalmologist’s Advice

AmblyoPlay Interview

In a world where medical advancements are constantly changing lives, we bring you the inspiring journey of Dumitru Andrei from Romania, an almost 9-year-old with amblyopia. After an appointment with an ophthalmologist, AmblyoPlay was recommended to Dumitru as the progress with previous approaches had stopped. Let’s read this short interview.

How did you come across AmblyoPlay?

The ophthalmologist recommended the treatment.

What vision problem were you treating with AmblyoPlay?

We treated my son’s amblyopia in the right eye. The diagnose was set in May 2022.

Did you take any previous approaches for curing your son’s amblyopia?

Yes, but the progress stopped and we were recommended to use AmblyoPlay.

AmblyoPlay user doing vision therapy.
Dumitru during playing AmblyoPlay vision therapy

For how long you have been using the AmblyoPlay software and what are the outcomes?

5% visual acuity increase was noticed at the 3-months check, and currently we are using the application for 5 months and a half.

What is your overall experience with AmblyoPlay?

User friendly application, a platform easy to use, communicates with the doctor, happy to have this option as an alternative treatment.


Dumitru’s mother said she would recommend AmblyoPlay to others. However, she suggested more games that would be appropriate for older kids. We are taking this into consideration!

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