[Interview E05] How AmblyoPlay helped Hannah?

Hannah playing AmblyoPlay

We are back with the interviews! In the fifth episode, we are joined by Hannah’s mother. Hannah is a 4-year-old girl from South Africa. In this interview, you will get to know about her vision condition and how AmblyoPlay has helped her in the vision therapy process. Mother told me that they came across AmblyoPlay because the ophthalmologist, Dr. Botha, recommended AmblyoPlay vision therapy solution to them. They were experiencing issues performing eye-pencil push-ups with Hannah at home. When doctor mentioned AmblyoPlay, they did not hesitate and Hannah started to enjoy playing games while training her vision!

Can you briefly describe what kind of vision problems Hannah is treating with AmblyoPlay?

We had noticed that Hannah appeared to have a “lazy” left eye (amblyopia). The ophthalmologist explained that although not uncommon in young children there is a short time frame to try and correct it with exercises.

Did you take any previous approaches for curing Hannah’s condition?

We had tried pencil push-ups however we really struggled to get these right with Hannah as she was still 3 years old at the time that we started and every attempt turned into a tantrum from her side or left us feeling very frustrated.

What was her starting point? How did the progress go?

We tried pencil push-ups for two months and then asked the ophthalmologist for more details regarding other options. He had previously mentioned a game that we could try, AmblyoPlay and we were hopeful it would bring more success.

For how long has she been using the AmblyoPlay software and what are the outcomes?

We have been using AmblyoPlay since November (approximately 5 months) and we have definitely noticed a remarkable improvement with my daughters eye. At her last follow up appointment the ophthalmologist was very impressed with the progress and we are excited to hear what he says at the next one. Hannah loves checking out her statistics and seeing the upward trend of her progress.

What is your overall experience with AmblyoPlay from the parent’s perspective?

We have found AmblyoPlay to be very helpful and generally manage to get our four year old daughter to do her two “daily training” sessions without too much of a fuss. She had thoroughly enjoyed being able to “buy” new items of clothing for her characters and is always very excited when she gets a new character.

Would you recommend AmblyoPlay to others?

Absolutely. Without hesitation.

We would like to thank Hannah’s mother, who took the time to answer our questions. We are sure that she helped at least one person evaluate if AmblyoPlay is something they could take advantage of.

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