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Silvia AmblyoPlay Review


If you’re an adult and you’re on the fence just know that Amblyoplay is great for adults, and not just for kids. I was hesitant at first because it seemed to be aimed at children predominantly but the games were pretty challenging and fun. The goal is to do 30 minutes daily but it’s broken up into two 15 min increments to make it feasible for someone with a busy schedule like me. I could see how this can also keep children engaged. The games require you to challenge yourself by improving your score each time. It keeps you from getting bored. It’s also easy to track your progress because they provide a dashboard that provides you information on changes to your vision by doing weekly vision checks. It also gives you metrics on your process with the games! I purchased six months and noticed some improvement. I decided i am going to continue for a while longer!

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Bellaire, TX

The AmblyoPlay program has been very helpful for my daughter and she thinks it’s really fun which helps her get more practice for strengthening her eyes.



Panama City, Panama

Mi nombre es Serena. Mi opinion sobre amblyoplay es Excelente ...ha curado del ojo vago a mi hija. El programa es muy entretenido para los niños y no parece que fuera una terapia. Son juegos muy buenos y geniales que han cautivado la atencion de mi hija. Ha ayudado dia a dia en el mejoramiento de su ojo vago. Ya no tiene que me ha parecido un solucion super super genial y desde la comodidad de la Casa lo puedes hacer con tu hijos. Ya dentro unos dias sera la cita con el doctor para determinar si estado. Muchas Gracias Amblyoplay estoy muy contenta con los resultados. El mejor sin duda




It is quite an experience, it's nice to use and it runs smoothly. However, I think it's difficult for me to do consistently.

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