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Cindy AmblyoPlay Review


My daughter struggled in school for years before I was suggested AmblyoPlay. After two months we checked her eyes. Her prescription improve and her brain was starting to use that eye again! Amblyo is amazing. It’s fun for my daughter and WORKS! What a great way to improve her eyes with the “hard work”. She not longer struggles as much with reading and her school grades have gone from D’s and C’s, to being on honor roll! We are about to go back for another eye exam after using AblyoPlay for six months and I can’t wait to see the results. Thank you!

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Zagreb, Croatia

After three months of training, my eye hurts less and I can see much better. I will definitely continue.



Big Pine Key, FL

I used amblyoplay for a few 2 years ago and saw a big difference in my vision. I recently started up again and am happy with my results in just 2 weeks.



Bratislava, Slovakia

Amblyoplay helps motivate both eyes working together at real time. My son was late discovered lazy eye and this is what at least improves eye cooperation. In Slovakia at later stage is nothing to be paid by health insurance, so using amblyoplay is worth investing money and it is easy to use. Even fun as each child like working on tablet. Therapy each day does not take much time, it is easy to use and comfortable as you can easily find time to such a therapy. Definitely we would recommend it for lazy eye therapy.

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