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AmblyoPlay is a simple and effective vision therapy solution. Purchasing he box includes all these features!

6-Month Access

Get full access to AmblyoPlay for 6 months. This is the average duration of vision training needed to see significant recovery. After access expires, you can further extend it within your account.

AmblyoPlay Glasses

AmblyoPlay Box includes AmblyoPlay Glasses with red/green filters. Filters are used to target stimulation to each eye and can be worn if user wears contact lenses or does not wear any refraction.

AmblyoPlay Clip-ons

AmblyoPlay Box also includes a Clip-on with red/green filters. They work in the same way as AmblyoPlay Glasses, however, they are included especially for those who already wear prescription glasses.


No two individuals are the same – so each require a tailor-made approach when it comes to vision training. With AmblyoPlay, you receive personalized daily trainings for your particular case.

Multiple Devices

Each AmblyoPlay Box is for one user only. However, you can use it on multiple different devices, giving you flexibility to for example use it on a desktop at home or on a tablet when traveling!

Multiple Platforms

No need to shill out on purchasing expensive new computer or tablet – AmblyoPlay supports and runs on Windows 10 computers, macOS computers, Android tablets and iPads!

14-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Every our AmblyoPlay order is risk-free! We offer 14-Day Moneyback Guarantee, so you can return any package within first two weeks of use of AmblyoPlay!

Free Fast Shipping

We deliver AmblyoPlay worldwide with our trusted shipping provider DHL. They make sure packages are delivered to you quickly and safely!

Dedicated Support

Not sure if AmblyoPlay is for you? Have any technical or practical questions or reservations? Let us know at [email protected] and our dedicated team will help you through!


Here are some of our happy users. Read about their experience and get insight into the vision therapy journeys.



Albay, Philippines

Amblyoplay for almost 3 months now. I'm currently doing my therapy but due to the pandemic, I stopped going to the clinic. Amblyoplay was recommended to me by my Doctor to be used for an hour a day, and good thing i can still use it at home while on quarantine. I think the games helped a lot in my focus and patience. It's just like doing the therapy while on game mode! I hope i can still use it to further my development. Thanks Amblyoplay! :)




Montclair, NJ

AmblyoPlay is a really useful tool, even for adults. When I find myself getting tired that’s when I usually start to have a problem and the way my eyes function begin to impact my concentration. My left eye is my less dominant eye but it feels like it is getting a workout when I use AmblyoPlay.



Bossier City, LA

We are excited about our daughter’s results from Amblyoplay. Her reading speed has increased and even her tennis game has improved. Amblyoplay’s customer service was always helpful when we had questions. The therapy was so successful we are considering a Summer Refresher session to extend her progress.



Ukraine, EU

My son had very low vision since his birth- around 20%, he was diagnosed with amblyopia very late - at 4,5 years old. Now he is 7, and his vision is about 45-50%
We tried many different treatments for 3-4 years, and the effects were very much lower than we expected ;(
After 3 months with amplyoplay I started noticing that he was better oriented in space, less falling, and more attentive. We are looking forward to continue our trainings as long as possible and confirming improvements with the doctor” 💙💛🙏



Plano, TX

Our son has been using the Amblyoplay program with wonderful results. It is a nice and reasonably affordable at-home system. This program is a perfect fit for our busy schedules, which is nice instead of having to commit to making weekly office visits. Our teenage son enjoys using the program and has had no problems with the technological aspect of the program; it works great. Along with our son's two previous eye surgeries, we have noticed a wonderful improvement with the alignment of his eyes. He has noticed a greater ability to perceive 3-D and is continuing to see improvements. He finds the therapy, when factored into his daily routine and made up of fun exercises and games, very relaxing. This is a non-stressful program where you can go at your own pace and receive instant feedback. We highly recommend this program as our son and we are seeing great improvement in his visual results.



Ljubljana, Slovenia

My 8-year old daughter loves AmblyoPlay games. They are not only educational (geometric shapes), but also interesting and entertaining. Large assortment of games keeps things interesting, which is crucial to keep my daughter motivated for training and exercising!

Hani Yahya

Hani Yahya

Sanaa, Yemen

Our experience with Amblyoplay was great. My daughter was first diagnosed with a lazy eye on her right eye when she was 8. The doctors we went to told us it too late to treat and that we had to patch her eyes and hope for the best. She did not like patching at all. I did a lot of research and that’s when I found Amblyoplay, so we decided to try it. We live in a country where there are no eye therapy options and also the country is in a war zone. Being in a war zone with electricity and internet cuts we were not able to use the games every day, in a good week we would do 3 or 4 days a week and sometimes only once a week. also, while the games were very exciting our daughter only wanted to play 4 games only. In just 3 months the visual acuity in her lazy eye improved from .3 to .6. and we had to change her glasses. We will continue using it and I recommend it to everyone who was told that it is too late to treat the lazy eye.



Ipswich, UK

Hi, I am 30 years old. I have been using amblyoplay for the past 6 months. It's a really good app. It chooses the games at random and helps you improve your vision for the lazy eye. If practiced daily, you can sense the improvement. Just maintain a good streak and you would see that your gaming performance is improving, double vision is reducing as well. Highly recommended to anyone who wishes to treat amblyopia irrespective of age.
It would be great to receive daily, weekly reminders so that one doesn't skip the practice.



Bedfordshire, UK

I decided to give Amblyoplay a try as an adult. Unfortunately as all of the opticians where I live are closed due to COVID lockdown, I haven’t been able to compare any changes to my eyesight. What I would say is that I feel more aware of sight in my right eye. As time goes on I feel that the suppression of my eye is slowly being reduced and while I may not have perfect vision, day to day activities have gotten a little easier with the addition of a more active eye. It has only been 3 months and I’m excited to see further results.


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