Can my child play more than 30 minutes daily?

Of course, if you allow it your child can easily play more games. You can enable this option in the Therapy Settingstab in Parent Menu. Additional games can be found in the Game Menu by pressing Extra Games button.

Why does my child need to wait between daily therapy sessions?

Vision therapy exercises are pushing eyes of your child to work very hard. It is therefore welcome to take a short break in between to relieve any possible eye strain and to avoid potential headaches. However, some strain and tiredness should appear as a sign of proper and correct exercising.

We collected all the puzzles in the Rewards section! Is there more rewards to come?

If you already collected all the puzzles, you should begin receiving now rewards for the next set of collection!

But there is more: You should expect to receive physical copy of the game cards that your child has been collecting in the mail on the address you put down as a shipping address.

If there are no new rewards displayed to you – update the application, as there are new rewards being added regularly!

Can I change the therapy mode?


Based on the profiling done in the onboarding when you entered AmblyoPlay for the first time, we suggested the form of therapy that based on analytics should work best. However, if you find that the therapy mode is too difficult/easy for your child, you can simply change that in the Parent Menu under Therapy Settings tab.

We advise agains switching between therapy modes regularly or based on the desire to ‘try something different’, as consistency is one of the central pillars of successful vision therapy.

There is an exclamation mark next to Play icon. What does it mean?

Exclamation mark next to Play icon in your Parent Menu indicates that you should perform visual acuity screening as soon as possible. It is used as a tool for tracking the progress of visual function. Visual acuity screenings in AmblyoPlay are performed once every 2-4 weeks

If you do not wish to perform the screening right away, you simply ignore it and do it the next time. The exclamation mark will stay there for as long as you do not perform the screening.

When is my child old enough to perform vision therapy with AmblyoPlay?

AmblyoPlay does not have a strict age limit. However, we suggest that children begin using AmblyoPlay as soon as possible, starting with the age of 3-4. Vision therapy is the most effective early on in the development of visual function with latest studies placing the upper age for significant improvement to 12-14 years.