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My payment was not successful, what can I do?

Payments sometimes don’t go through, since the bank was not able to verify that the card was authentic. This is all in place to prevent any credit card fraud. It is often caused if the billing address does not match the address that your bank has in the database, or because there are differences between security protocols globally. What you can always do is give your bank a call and authorize payment to Smart Optometry (our company) and then try again. In the large majority of cases this will resolve the problem. Alternatively, you can always use PayPal as a payment method. There are no additional charges for you and you can pay through their system with your credit card even without a PayPal account. In any case – even though this is an inconvenience, it is for the protection of your finances! We use the latest verification and authentication system to ensure that only completely verified transactions are processed!

Updated on February 1, 2024
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Why Do We Suggest a Minimum Time of 6 Months for Success?

Based on the data from over 15,000 patients using AmblyoPlay, improvements start within 4 months, while optimal results take anywhere between 6-18 months on average. The duration of required training depends on the patient’s age, the severity of the problem, accompanying diseases, and adherence to the training program.