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Five simple eye exercises you can perform at your home

We have prepared 5 exercises you can perform at your home to improve your visual function. When we talk about vision therapy the most important thing about it is compliance. With strong compliance to any vision therapy method, the improvements are faster and results are better. So remember: any method you select or has been prescribed to you should be performed regularly.

*This selection of exercises is just for getting an idea of how to improve visual function at home. Keep in mind that you always seek an eye care professional close to you to get a diagnosis and suggestions on treatment procedures for your condition!

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Why Do We Suggest a Minimum Time of 6 Months for Success?

Based on the data from over 15,000 patients using AmblyoPlay, improvements start within 4 months, while optimal results take anywhere between 6-18 months on average. The duration of required training depends on the patient’s age, the severity of the problem, accompanying diseases, and adherence to the training program.