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Terapia visual fácil de usar y asequible. Empieza hoy mismo con AmblyoPlay y disfruta de 6 meses de terapia visual en tu casa ¡al precio de menos de un café al día!



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AmblyoPlay es una solución de terapia visual sencilla y eficaz. ¡La compra de la caja incluye todas estas características!

6 meses de acceso

Obtenga acceso completo a AmblyoPlay durante 6 meses. Esta es la duración media del entrenamiento visual necesaria para ver una mejora significativa. Cuando termine el acceso, podrás ampliarlo en tu perfil.

Gafas de AmblyoPlay

AmblyoPlay Box incluye las Gafas AmblyoPlay con filtro rojo y verde. Los filtros se utilizan para enfocar la estimulación a cada ojo y se pueden usar si el usuario lleva lentes de contacto o no lleva ningún tipo de refracción.

Clip-ons de AmblyoPlay

AmblyoPlay Box también incluye un Clip-on con filtro rojo y verde. Funcionan de la misma manera que las Gafas AmblyoPlay, sin embargo, se incluyen especialmente para las personas que ya llevan gafas de prescripción.


No hay dos personas igualen, por lo que cada una requiere un enfoque a medida en lo que respecta al entrenamiento visual. Con AmblyoPlay, recibirás entrenamientos diarios personalizados para tu caso personal.

Dispositivos múltiples

Cada AmblyoPlay Box es para un solo usuario. Sin embargo, puede utilizarlo en varios dispositivos diferentes, lo que le da flexibilidad para, por ejemplo, utilizarlo en un ordenador en su hogar o en una tableta cuando esté de viaje.

Plataformas múltiples

No es necesario comprar un ordenador o una tableta nuevos y caros: ¡AmblyoPlay es compatible y funciona en ordenadores con Windows 10, macOS, tabletas Android e iPads!

Garantía de reembolso de 14 días

¡Cada pedido de AmblyoPlay está libre de riesgo! Ofrecemos 14 días de garantía de reembolso, por lo que puede devolver cualquier paquete dentro de las dos primeras semanas de uso de AmblyoPlay.

Envío rápido y gratuito

Enviamos AmblyoPlay internacional con nuestro proveedor de confianza DHL. Se aseguran de que los paquetes le entreguen de forma rápida y segura.

Atención al cliente

¿No está seguro de si AmblyoPlay es para ti? ¿Tiene alguna pregunta técnica o práctica? Escríbanos a [email protected] y nuestro equipo dedicado le ayudará a resolverlas.


Estos son algunos de nuestros usuarios satisfechos. Lea sobre su experiencia y obtenga información sobre los viajes de terapia visual.



Grayslake, IL

I have been very impressed with the design and implementation of Amblyoplay. The navigation of the app is very intuitive. Even the music is appropriate, light-hearted, and pleasant.

While as an 80-year-old man, I am not an ideal candidate to benefit from Amblyoplay, I have seen moderate improvement in my double vision that resulted from a surgical error during a cataract operation.

The response to questions and comments has been prompt and helpful. As a former software engineer, I really appreciate the professionalism of the organization that developed Amblyoplay.



Westmount, QC

My son is 6 years old and has a "lazy eye" that required 2 years of patching and glasses. This treatment helped but very little. I decided to try this method and after almost 3 months I can barely notice his eye being "lazy". It was definitely hard to get him to want to play these games at first. Wearing his glasses and the colored pair on top was very uncomfortable in the first few weeks. He eventually got used to it. Also, it was challenging for him to play some of the games because he doesn't play video games at all. But we pushed through all that and didn't give up. I ended up having to bribe him, which worked! In the end, we are happy we did this. I have yet to do a follow up with his doctor to confirm how much he has improved, but we can definitely see the difference just by looking at his eye.



Zblewo, Poland

I'm a 25-year-old girl. I have amblyopia on one eye and I'm also legally blind on that eye. I discovered Amblyoplay on the Internet and decided to try it out even though since I was a child the eye doctors always told me that in my case there's nothing that can be done to improve my vision.
Now that I'm using the program for almost six months I definitely notice improvement with eye convergence and acuity. For the first time, I am able to read something with my lazy eye. In addition, the vision is a lot more detailed and that's amazing. I still haven't done a great improvement but I hope that it just takes time since I'm an adult and my case is hard to treat. Amblyoplay is absolutely worth giving a try even for adults!

Summer M.

Summer M.

Marina Del Rey, CA

I started vision therapy after 30 days of vestibular therapy from toxic mold poisoning from a leaky pipe in our condo's laundry room.  I lost my ability to see clearly and converge.  I had 18 percent use of convergence in my left eye and I was so nauseated and could not drive.  After 12 sessions my ability to converge was raised to 80 percent.  The key to keeping your ability to converge as an adult is what you do at home on a daily basis.  Vision therapy sessions run up to $200 a session.  AmblyoPlay was my answer!  I can work convergence or I can work just my left eye.  It's nice to have a preprogrammed format I can follow, and this helps me on days when I don't want to work the Brock string.  Vision therapy absolutely works for adults and I'm happy to have an at-home app that allows me to reduce my visits with my therapist which saves me thousands.



Ljubljana, Slovenia

My 8-year old daughter loves AmblyoPlay games. They are not only educational (geometric shapes), but also interesting and entertaining. Large assortment of games keeps things interesting, which is crucial to keep my daughter motivated for training and exercising!



Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

I am 24 years old and have anisometropia amblyopia. Since doctors always told me nothing could help to better my amblyopic eye, I wanted to try amblyoplay. I used 6 months plan, it was a whole new experience and I got a belief that my amblyopic eye can improve if I do amblyoplay on a daily basis. I would love to continue my journey with amblyoplay, and I want to see even more great results.

Thanks, Amblyoplay team for helping kids and adults like me to see better!



Athens, Greece

Hello! I am Georgia, from Greece. My son George, aged 5, has a lazy eye and the ophthalmologist we visited suggested physiotherapy with the use of Amblyoplay app. He played various games and performed the tests for 6 months. There was some improvement, but I feel that he needs more work. The games were very interesting for him in the beginning, but after 4-5 months he got tired of their repetition. Maybe a larger variety of games will positively influence how long the app stays interesting for a 5 yo child. Nevertheless, the award system integrated into the app with the various professions has managed to keep his interest until the end of the therapy.



Boise, ID

¡Las migrañas han desaparecido! Mi hijo de 10 años, con TDAH y dislexia, tenía migrañas frecuentes. Le diagnosticaron insuficiencia de convergencia, que probablemente era lo que le provocaba las migrañas. ¡Tras 4 meses utilizando AmblyoPlay, las migrañas han desaparecido!



Thessaloniki, Greece

My 6-year-old son has been using the program for the past 5 months after his doctor's proposal. The program is a very simple and funny game for a child of his age. Before the amblyoplay we used to close one eye with a patch but this wasn't easy for him. Therefore the program made his exercise much more easy and pleasant. His vision has improved a lot and we wait the next time we see his doctor talk about his improvement.


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