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Terapia visual de AmblyoPlay

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Terapia visual fácil de usar y asequible. Empieza hoy mismo con AmblyoPlay y disfruta de 6 meses de terapia visual en tu casa ¡al precio de menos de un café al día!



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¡Es una terapia visual!

AmblyoPlay® es una solución de terapia visual a través de juegos terapéuticos y ejercicios para practicar en una tableta o un ordenador durante 30 minutos al día. Con ejercicios que se adaptan a cada paciente y a sus necesidades concretas, es una solución ideal para problemas como ojo vago, estrabismo, insuficiencia de convergencia, visión doble y otros problemas binoculares.


¡Terapia visual personalizada!

Vision Therapy

Perfecta para pacientes de cualquier edad a partir de los 3 años. ¡Así es, también es apta para personas adultas!

Visual skills

Ayuda a mejorar las 6 habilidades visuales fundamentales necesarias para el tratamiento de una amplia variedad de problemas.


Convierte la terapia visual en algo divertido y estimulante a través de juegos y un sistema de recompensas.

¡Entrenamiento personalizado
para cada individuo!

Successful stories

Patrycja AmblyoPlay Review


Zblewo, Poland

I’m a 25-year-old girl. I have amblyopia on one eye and I’m also legally blind on that eye. I discovered Amblyoplay on the Internet and decided to try it out even though since I was a child the eye doctors always told me that in my case there’s nothing that can be done to improve my vision.
Now that I’m using the program for almost six months I definitely notice improvement with eye convergence and acuity. For the first time, I am able to read something with my lazy eye. In addition, the vision is a lot more detailed and that’s amazing. I still haven’t done a great improvement but I hope that it just takes time since I’m an adult and my case is hard to treat. Amblyoplay is absolutely worth giving a try even for adults!

John G AmblyoPlay Review

John G.

Valdosta, GA

Amblyoplay has been a blessing to us and to our 7 year old granddaughter. She has been using the program for many months and every time we go for a vision checkup the doctor says there is “noticeable improvement”…and that is what matters to us. Nora loves the program and she really loves the new updates to the program. She came running into my room last night with her Amblyoplay glasses on holding the IPAD excited to show me what was new and what she had done. For anyone who has a child with this kind of vision issues, I can tell you from personal experience that the program is well worth the money. Your child will thoroughly enjoy the program without even noticing what great therapy they are receiving. Just a wonderful idea and a well-implemented program. We cannot thank you enough.

Cindy AmblyoPlay Review


Johnstown, CO

My daughter struggled in school for years before I was suggested AmblyoPlay. After two months we checked her eyes. Her prescription improve and her brain was starting to use that eye again! Amblyo is amazing. It’s fun for my daughter and WORKS! What a great way to improve her eyes with the “hard work”. She not longer struggles as much with reading and her school grades have gone from D’s and C’s, to being on honor roll! We are about to go back for another eye exam after using AblyoPlay for six months and I can’t wait to see the results. ¡Gracias!

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