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Amblyoplay hilft, beide Augen zu motivieren, in Echtzeit zusammenzuarbeiten. Bei meinem Sohn wurde die Augenfehlsichtigkeit erst spät entdeckt, und das ist es, was zumindest die Zusammenarbeit der Augen verbessert. In der Slowakei wird später nichts von der Krankenkasse bezahlt, so dass es sich lohnt, Geld in Amblyoplay zu investieren, und es ist einfach zu bedienen. Es macht sogar Spaß, da jedes Kind gerne mit dem Tablet arbeitet. Die tägliche Therapie nimmt nicht viel Zeit in Anspruch, es ist einfach zu bedienen und bequem, da man leicht Zeit für eine solche Therapie finden kann. Wir würden es auf jeden Fall für die Therapie von Augenfehlsichtigkeit empfehlen.

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Kamalia, Pakistan

The program has been a game-changer in my battle against amblyopia. This user-friendly software offers a range of engaging exercises that target my specific needs, providing real-time feedback to track my progress. The convenience of at-home therapy is a major plus, and the software's diverse exercises are tackling my visual challenges comprehensively. With its accessible approach, complete with video tutorials and responsive support, it's suitable for all age groups. Admittedly, consistent commitment is necessary, but the software's innovation and effectiveness overshadow this requirement. Overall, this software is invaluable, delivering tangible results and empowering me to independently enhance my visual well-being.



New York, US

My son has been using the program for six months and we believe we have seen some improvement with his eye turn. He loves video games, so this was a fun option especially at the beginning. One thing we would love to see is updates to the game selection every once in a while to keep it engaging, as he now complains that he’s bored of doing the same games. I still think it’s a more fun and convenient option to going to an office for therapy! We love being able to take the program with us on a tablet when we’re away.



Iasi, Romania

AmblyoPlay is helping my 8 years old daughter to recover the left eye. She had beed diagnosed with only 20 % visual acuity and now she is a full process of recovering. All games that she is playing in the app are designed to force eyes to work as a team and to recover the one who is behind in terms of visual accuity. There are games for every child or person and it just keeps you focused because it gives you gems and other compensations that you can use to upgrade your game character.

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