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Calculated monthly price: USD 43.33


AmblyoPlay is a simple and effective vision therapy solution. Purchasing he box includes all these features!

6-Month Access

Get full access to AmblyoPlay for 6 months. This is the average duration of vision training needed to see significant recovery. After access expires, you can further extend it within your account.

AmblyoPlay Glasses

AmblyoPlay Box includes AmblyoPlay Glasses with red/green filters. Filters are used to target stimulation to each eye and can be worn if user wears contact lenses or does not wear any refraction.

AmblyoPlay Clip-ons

AmblyoPlay Box also includes a Clip-on with red/green filters. They work in the same way as AmblyoPlay Glasses, however, they are included especially for those who already wear prescription glasses.


No two individuals are the same – so each require a tailor-made approach when it comes to vision training. With AmblyoPlay, you receive personalized daily trainings for your particular case.

Multiple Devices

Each AmblyoPlay Box is for one user only. However, you can use it on multiple different devices, giving you flexibility to for example use it on a desktop at home or on a tablet when traveling!

Multiple Platforms

No need to shill out on purchasing expensive new computer or tablet – AmblyoPlay supports and runs on Windows 10 computers, macOS computers, Android tablets and iPads!

14-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Every our AmblyoPlay order is risk-free! We offer 14-Day Moneyback Guarantee, so you can return any package within first two weeks of use of AmblyoPlay!

Free Fast Shipping

We deliver AmblyoPlay worldwide with our trusted shipping provider DHL. They make sure packages are delivered to you quickly and safely!

Dedicated Support

Not sure if AmblyoPlay is for you? Have any technical or practical questions or reservations? Let us know at [email protected] and our dedicated team will help you through!


Here are some of our happy users. Read about their experience and get insight into the vision therapy journeys.



Woodstock, GA

Our son was diagnosed with strabismus esotropia when he was two years old and received surgery to correct it within the year. It wasn’t until he was ten and we started seeing a new optometrist that vision therapy was recommended. His depth perception was terrible, he would get headaches doing schoolwork, he couldn’t catch a ball, and he had to sit very close to the TV when playing video games. We started with an evaluation for a baseline and then tried 6 months of therapy in the office plus daily homework on a program that he found boring and tedious (cost: $1700). He repeated the evaluation and had made definite progress, but we were not in a place to fork over another $1700, plus weekly trips to the therapist’s office, and our son was pretty burned out on the homework through them.

At this point, we found Amblyoplay and decided to give it a shot for six months since it was a fraction of the price and looked much more engaging. He retook his evaluation at the office and has improved tremendously! His scores went from 17 (baseline) to 31 (after six months and $1700) to 50 (after six months of Amblyoplay for 5-6 days/week). He still has some work to do, but we are so pleased with the results and his symptoms are getting better functionally as well. He also loves the games and variety, so it keeps him motivated. Great program at a great price!



Plano, TX

Our son has been using the Amblyoplay program with wonderful results. It is a nice and reasonably affordable at-home system. This program is a perfect fit for our busy schedules, which is nice instead of having to commit to making weekly office visits. Our teenage son enjoys using the program and has had no problems with the technological aspect of the program; it works great. Along with our son's two previous eye surgeries, we have noticed a wonderful improvement with the alignment of his eyes. He has noticed a greater ability to perceive 3-D and is continuing to see improvements. He finds the therapy, when factored into his daily routine and made up of fun exercises and games, very relaxing. This is a non-stressful program where you can go at your own pace and receive instant feedback. We highly recommend this program as our son and we are seeing great improvement in his visual results.



Milwaukee, MI

We’re patching some over a year now his right eye and it was getting better and better. Then all of a sudden, we started noticing that his other eye which was previously OK. We went for a second opinion but nothing has changed, just that we should now be patching both eyes for part of the day. This didn’t sit well with me or my wife so I started doing some research. I was considering some VR solution, but was a bit much $$$. Found about Amblyoplay, decided to take the risk and whoa did it pay off!! Binocular VT all the way – now we’re working both his eyes at the same time and we can observe his improvement with our own eyes. Thanks!!



Kecamatan Kuta Utara, Indonesia

Amblyoplay has proved to be a fun and successful way to help our daughter's left eye realign. She really enjoys the rewards, like getting new costumes for her character and she likes completing the training because it makes her feel "satisfied".

The charts are really good as we can watch how her eyes are improving by checking the training efficiency chart and the regular eye screening test results.



Devon, United Kingdom

Hi, Amblyoplay has been a great 3D workout and has also been fun for our son. He has enjoyed the games which have kept him keen to gain different characters and win gems. After patching we used this to keep his eye working and there has been some good improvement. Some games he has found hard such as blocks but with practice he has got so much better. Thank you Amblyoplay.



Springfield, OH

My son was diagnosed with refractive amblyopia when he was 10. We tried patching therapy but were warned that the effectiveness would be minimal due to his age. I came home from the eye doctor and started researching other ways to help my son. I found AmblyoPlay and decided to give it a try. My son loves playing games and earning prizes. At his recent eye appointment, his doctor reported an improvement in his vision! I'm excited to renew our subscription to AmblyoPlay and see continued improvement!



Cedar Rapids, IA

I'm a parent of an 8 year old boy that had been diagnosed with Nystagmus which is basically a misconnect between the brain and eyes. He sees steps and patterned floor tile as beveled or uneven and when focusing on a ball coming at him or even reading, his eyes rapidly move. After looking into vision therapy options, I've chosen Ambyloplay to try. We had reached out to them prior to joining and had been told that there wasn't any kind of testing related to my son's diagnosis and that Ambyloplay may not even work for us. It's been a year now that we have routinely utilized the Ambyloplay program and I have seen a HUGE difference in my son's (depth perception) ability to go up and down steps. Which has been Amazing for both Him and I :)

So thank you Ambyloplay, I truly believe that you have helped and will continue to help.



Burns, OR

We were very happy with AmblyoPlay, because as it has proven to be a great motivator for Nika (11). She was struggling with eye patching for 4 hours ever day. We replaced it with 30-minute AmblyoPlay exercise and the doctor observed great improvements! Amazing, no more everyday battles to start patching, she actually WANTS to do it!



Lakewood, OH

As a middle-aged man who had been told since childhood that there was basically nothing that could be done to help with my “lazy eye,” I was skeptical. Especially after constantly being told that this was even more so the case the older I get. That being said, I wanted to give this a chance because anything that gave me some hope was worth the opportunity. I wasn’t expecting drastic results considering my age. I knew that if this was going to have any effect, it was going to take some time. So I definitely think I have a long way to go to truly be where I want things to be, but I have l, without question, noticed a difference and this product is the first thing in nearly 40 years to do that for me! Highly recommend anyone, of any age, give this a shot and at least see if it can help them.


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