Brock string and convergence insufficiency

Brock string and convergence insufficiency
Brock string and convergence insufficiency

An inability or decreased ability to converge the eyes whilst focusing on near objects is described as convergence insufficiency. Convergence is an important ability that allow us to maintain binocular vision whilst focusing on near objects. If it is insufficient, one will experience discomfort and eyestrain when performing near activities such as writing or reading. Sometimes people can also experience headaches, fatigue, as well as tension that often result in reading problems. However, simple solutions such as vision therapy and tools like brock string can potentially bring about solution to these problems!

Brock string exercises strengthen the ability to converge

The issue of convergence insufficiency has been known to mankind for almost two centuries. Therefore, several rather simple exercises, as well as certain complex computer-based ones, have evolved to deal with this rather frequent problem. One of the more simple and most commonly used home-based exercises is a pencil push-up, during which the patient tries to maintain binocular single vision while moving the tip of the pencil slowly towards their nose. Although this exercise can be very effective in strengthening the ability to converge it is also extremely boring for the patients, especially the little ones. Therefore, a brock string is way more interesting and user-friendly preposition. Colored beads that can be moved closer and farther from the nose whilst they are being focused on are a powerful tool to tackle convergence insufficiency. According to several reports such exercises can have as high as 80% success rate in alleviating the inability to converge properly – and while brock string may look rather simple – it can provide for wonderful improvements.

Provided that you have kids with these very problems, perhaps accompanied by various degrees of amblyopia, do not hesitate, and offer them our excellent products available here.  Vision development is a complex process, but with diligent exercise, we can correct and steer it in the right direction. And as with many things – usually some quite simple solutions such as brock string – might just do the trick!

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