1 in 10 children has a vision problem significant enough to impact learning.

The Importance of Good Vision in Learning

Vision plays a crucial role in the learning process. For young children, much of their learning comes through visual exploration. From reading textbooks to seeing the teacher’s writing on the board, clear and accurate vision is vital for absorbing information effectively.

What is AmblyoPlay?

AmblyoPlay® is a vision therapy solution that is performed through playing therapeutic games and exercises on your tablet or computer for 30 minutes per day. With exercises that adapt to each patient and their specific needs, it is an ideal solution for problems such as lazy eye, strabismus, convergence insufficiency, double vision, or other binocular problems.

Benefits of AmblyoPlay

Following a moving object smoothly, accurately, and effortlessly with both eyes while also performing other activities (thinking, talking, reading, or listening).

Quickly and accurately fix the eyes on a series of stationary objects, a feat essential in the classroom.

Changing focus quickly without blurring from far to near and near to far.

Eye-teaming of both eyes, enabling kids to be able to observe their classroom surroundings.

Seeing over a large area (periphery) while pointing the eyes straight ahead.

Seeing and recognizing objects in a short look. Seeing in depth, which unlock their sport performance!

AmblyoPlay Vision Therapy

User-friendly and affordable vision therapy. Get started with AmblyoPlay today and enjoy 6-month vision therapy in your home at the price of less than one coffee per day! 



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AmblyoPlay is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Greek, and Slovenian language!

Supported Platforms:





[ Running on: Android 7.0 or later (2GB+ RAM) | iOS 15 or later | Windows 10/11 (64-bit) | macOS 11+ (Big Sur) ]

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