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Father and son doing high five.

Empowering Positive Mindsets when Facing Vision Issues

Have you ever noticed yourself or your child thinking or saying something like “I’m never going to make progress!” or “Everyone thinks I look weird with this eyepatch!”? These are just two examples of numerous unrealistic or irrational thoughts that can occupy our mind.

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Exploring VR vs. Dichoptic Treatment

When it comes to vision therapy, technological breakthroughs have opened the way for innovative treatment options that help people with visual impairments. Two such approaches gaining traction are virtual reality (VR) and dichoptic treatment using red and green glasses.

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Behavioural Optometry

Behavioral Optometry

While many people view optometry as solely concerned with prescribing glasses or contact lenses to correct visual acuity, there is a fascinating field within optometry that goes beyond just improving eyesight: behavioral optometry.

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Playing vision therapy

Vision Therapy and Brain Plasticity

By harnessing the power of brain plasticity, vision therapy can help to improve visual skills and abilities in individuals of all ages. The brain’s ability to change and adapt is utilized to improve visual skills and abilities.

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Girl with esotropia

What is esotropia?

Esotropia is a type of strabismus in which eyes do not line up properly. A less medical term that you could possibly hear is ”crossed eyes”. The muscles that normally control the eyes are not synchronized as they should be.

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