Amblyopia (or lazy eye) is a vision disorder, which is a result of inappropriatevision development during early years. Simply put, it’s when one eye is lessdeveloped than the other so the brain starts to rely on healthy eye more. While itmay sound as a very niche problem, up to 5 % of children suffer from amblyopia(or more than 130 million worldwide). However, there is good news: amblyopiacan be successfully fixed with regular exercises and treatment.

Treatment of amblyopia

Amblyopia can be treated in many ways. Patching and correct refractive correction remain the pillars of amblyopia treatment. These methods are oftentimes considered as passive vision therapy. However, in last few decades the active amblyopia training methods are gaining ground. Using different exercises, activities and games you can improve your lazy eye and train your visual system to develop good vision. The key message is definitely this – the improvement of amblyopia is possible and it’s never too late!

Lazy Eye
AmblyoPlay Vision Therapy

Train amblyopic eye with games

One such solution is AmblyoPlay. It falls in the category of active vision therapy and it uses binocular dichoptic training that engages both eyes while stimulating the amblyopic more. Vision therapy in AmblyoPlay is done through playing games that stimulate the lazy eye and help children achieve results faster because they actually enjoy doing vision therapy. The training is personalized for every kid so all children receive individualized amblyopia treatment they can perform using our app on computer or tablet.












Vision therapy on computer or tablet​

AmblyoPlay is a vision therapy solution for children with lazy eye, mild strabismus or convergence insufficiency that is performed through playing therapeutic games and exercises every day for 30 minutes. It is perfect for the patient’s vision therapy ‘homework’ that they do at home!

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