Adults too can benefit from Vision Therapy as well!

AmblyoPlay adult vision therapy
AmblyoPlay adult vision therapy

Vision therapy is despite its widespread benefits still a bit of an enigma to many people. We receive tons of questions every day and among the most frequently asked ones is: Does AmblyoPlay work with adults as well?

Simple answer is: YES, despite what some outdated studies from 80s and 90s state. We know this because we both tested with adults up to the age of 65, as well as through use cases of our adult users already. More than 20% of AmblyoPlay users are adults, who are seeing great results after using AmblyoPlay vision therapy.

Of course, there are some things we do want to point out. While improvements are almost always possible, it takes much longer to see significant improvements in visual function if compared with improvements of children. With age, brain plasticity (ability of the brain to change itself throughout life by forming new connections between brain cells – neurons) decreases so we have to put in much more effort to see the results. Additionally, what is considered optimal visual function for an adult might not be the same as with children: for some adults, 80% visual function is their max. 

Not only does AmblyoPlay help rebuilding neurological links between the brain and the lazy eye, but it also helps build good binocular vision, which is essential. Key part in achieving that are also strong eye muscles. As with any other muscle, they too can be trained and strengthened. Eye muscles are essential, as they operate the eyes physiologically and serve as the required prerequisite for binocular vision. With both approaches, AmblyoPlay really tackles both elements of vision therapy: neurological and physiological aspect!

All in all, same VT principles apply for adults as do for the children, it just might take longer to reach the goal! It is never too late to start improving! If you do not mind the childish design that AmblyoPlay features because of the children, you could benefit from it greatly!

We hope to welcome you in our AmblyoPlay community! To check our available deals, go to our online store (link na trgovino) and start improving your vision TODAY!